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Upcoming report: AI, Beyond the Myth & the Hype

Discussion created by NASSCOM Community on Oct 25, 2016
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India’s IT-BPM industry has also turned its lens on AI; recent examples include Wipro’s Holmes, TCS’s ignio®, Infosys’ Mana™ and HCL’s DryICE®. AI is expected to generate USD 70+ billion in productivity-led gains for global IT-BPM service providers particularly in the areas of consulting, engineering services, application development, management & testing, BPM and infrastructure services. AI could also open up USD 400+ billion of net new addressable market; ~USD 100 billion realisable by 2020.


Keeping in mind the impact that AI is most likely to have in our everyday lives and in business, and the potential business opportunity it has to offer, NASSCOM in partnership with The Boston Consulting Group, has worked on a report “AI, Beyond the Myth and the Hype” that aims to present the scope of this technology, its impact on various industries, the market opportunity it presents and the roadmap to achieve the target.


In the meantime, we are sharing a few insights from the report. We will have a Q&A session with the research team too.


Here is an overview of the most significant investments in the Artificial Intelligence sector.


AI Funding.PNG


Here are the emerging trends in the sector.


emerging AI trends.PNG

Stay tuned for more.