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The future of Computing Technology


by Sumeet Swarup At a recent discussion of the World Economic Forum Annual meeting, Mr. Antonio Neri, CEO for HP Enterprise predicted the end of Moore’s law due to the presence of Big Data. He said that the current digital computer has had the same structure for a long time – a microprocessor, a RAM, a storage, and electrons moving back and forth between these three components. He pointed out that...

Industrial Revolution 4.0


by Sumeet Swarup There is much talk these days about new terms such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 and Globalization 4.0. Before we go into more details, a quick history lesson. The first Industrial Revolution took place in Europe and North America from approx. 1760 to mid-1800s, when rural societies started become industrial, and people migrated from the farms to the cities, an...

Do you have the Product Startup DNA?

  Everyone knows that building a software product business  is different from building a software services business. It takes a different kind of entrepreneur and a different kind of team to build successful product software, what I like to call the product software DNA. In recent a series of 4 posts on our company blog, I had shared my personal take on four key traits that I think are essential f...

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