Feedback on Webinar - Colonial Cousins - Sales & Marketing by Sunder Madakshira

Poll created by SRIKANTH SRINIVASAN on Aug 25, 2016


The poll is intended for the participants of the NASSCOM Sales & Marketing Webinar  on “Becoming the Colonial Cousins: How Marketing and Sales can complement each other to Generate Business” by Sunder Prahlad  Madakshira, Head Marketing - Edgeverve held on 23 Sep 2016 at Bengaluru. You are requested to give your feedback on this poll which will help us to plan better in the future !


Thank you for the time !

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  • Strongly Agree - Was very useful and relevant in the current context of the Industry and went into practical aspects (top voted)
  • Partially Agree - Was partially relevant but did not cover the practical aspects though and hence was not very useful
  • Disagree - Did not find the content and discussion relevant and practical at all. Was not useful.