NASSCOM Product Learning Series


Product Thinking

Speaker: Aditya Trivedi,
Senior Director and Head, SAP Co-Innovation Lab
at SAP Labs India
Date:12 Dec 2018

Product Vision & Leadership

Speaker: Paramita Biswas,
Director Product Management, SAP CP UX & Mobile Services
Date:18 Jan 2018

Market Problems / Defining the Market

Speaker: Alok Shukla,
VP Product Management at ShiftLeft
Date: 08 Feb 2018

Distinctive competence

Speaker: Ramakrishnan TV,
Chief Product Owner Digital Core Banking at SAP
22 Feb 2018

Assessing Competition

Speaker: Puneet Gupta,
Director Business Management – Digital Manufacturing, SAP
Date: 08 March 2018

Technology Assessment

Speaker: Bhushan Nigale, Priyadarshini Prabhu,
Vice President, Technology and Innovation Platform, at SAP SE
Date: 22 March 2018

Product Portfolio

Speaker: Vivek John Monteiro,
Product Expert – Banking at SAP Labs India
Date: 05 Apr 2018

Product Market fit

Speaker: Jayananda A Kotri
Product Manager, SAP Labs
Date: 19 Apr 2018

Building Global Product Culture

Speaker: KG Chandrashekhar,
Country Director, Concur India
Date: 03 May 2018

Product Lifecycle Management

Speaker: Muthuraj T,
Product Manager, SAP labs
Date: 29 May 2018

User Experience

Speaker: Manish Jayanth,
Principal User Interface Designer at SAP Labs
Date: 12 Jul 2018


Speaker: P B Karthikeyan,
Head of SAP Co-Innovation Lab
Date: 26 Jul 2018

Product Road mapping

Speaker: Reshmi Sreekumar & Mustameer Ahmed Khan,
Development Manager at SAP & Product Manager at SAP
Date: 09 Aug 2018

User Research / Product Design / Persona

Speaker: Nitin Kumar,
Design Evangelist, SAP
Date: 23 Aug 2018


Speaker: Arti Gopalan,
Product Specialist, Integration Services, SAP
Date: 06 Sep 2018

Agile Execution : Crafting User stories / backlogs

Speaker: Ntin Arora,
Product Owner, SAP
Date: 20 Sep 2018

Product Marketing

Speaker: Vivek John Monteiro,
Product Expert – Banking at SAP Labs India
Date: 04 Oct 2018

Marketing plan / Product Launch

Speaker: Raghavendra Kumar Ravinutala,
Co-founder and CEO of Yellow messenger
Date: 11 Oct 2018

Go-to-market strategy / planning

Speaker: Ashok Munirathinam,
Sr. Director – SAP Cloud Platform Asia Pacific &Japan at SAP Asia Pte Ltd
Date: 02 Nov 2018

Customer acquisition / retention

Speaker: Aditya Trivedi,
Senior Director and Head, SAP Co-Innovation Lab at SAP Labs India
Date: 22 Nov 2018

Demand / Lead Generation

Speaker: Paroma Sen,
Global Director, Industries Marketing at SAP Customer
Date:29 Nov 2018

Pricing Products / Profitability

Speaker: Puneet Gupta,
Director Business Management – Digital Manufacturing, SAP
Date: 13 Dec 2018

How to build marketplace products

Speaker: Venkatesh Iyer,
Associate Director, redBus.
Date: 11 April 2019

Product Marketing stories from Product Managers

Speaker: Mandar Tengse and Ravi Joseph Pinto, Director – Product Marketing Oracle
Date: 24 April 2019

Product Management in the age of digital transformation

Speaker: Ram Narayanan,
VP & Managing Site Director, R&D, VMware
Date: 19 Dec 2018

How to Product Managers decide what to build

Speaker: Tejswita Shreshta,
Product Manager, Optum
Date: 10 Jan 2019

Conversion Rate – The One Metric that Matters

Speaker: Ankur Sharma,
Senior Director,Goibibo
Date: 31 Jan 2019

Are product management skills domain specific?

Speaker: Sundar Balasubramanian,
Director of Products,  Intuit
Date: 14 Feb 2019

Products without borders

Speaker: Lalitha Ramani,
Senior Director, Walmart Labs
Date: 28 Feb 2019

VUI – Voice user
interface system design and product management gotchas

Speaker: Vaibhav Aparimit,
Director, Cura Technologies Inc.
Date: 14 March 2019

Building FinTech Products

Speaker: Malthi SS,
VP, Head of Product Management , Societe Generale
Date: 13 June 2019

Growing from Product Managers to General Managers

Speaker: Shameer Ayyappan,
Director Products , Adobe
Date: 27 June 2019

Product/Platform thinking approach and why it is critical for companies of all sizes

Speaker: Naveen Athresh,
Senior Product Leader, Rakuten
Date: 10 Jul 2019

Attributes of Product Management – Strategic Thinking and Design Thinking

Speaker: Sudhanshu Jha,
Assistant Vice President,Innoviti Payment Solutions
Date: 25 Jul 2019

How to crack Product Management

Speaker: Talvinder Singh,
Founder at Pragmatic Leaders, Ex-Product Head at Oyo
Date: 08 Aug 2019

Achieving Product / Market Fit for new products

Speaker: Raghu Ramanujam,
Vice President Product Management , Tambora Systems
Date: 22 Aug 2019

Building what customers ask vs what they need

Speaker: Khilan Haria,
Senior Director, Product Management, Razorpay
Date: 12 Sep 2019

Product Leadership :Opportunities and Challenges

Speaker: Sailendra Kumar,
Director, Product Management, Makemytrip
Date: 21 Nov 2019

Product Management

Speaker: Avinash Ganesh,
Director Product Management , Mobileum
Date: 09 Jan 2020

Product Management

Speaker: Shravan Ganguli,
AVP- Product Design & Product Management
Date: 13 Feb 2020


Migrating from Technology Role to Data Scientist

Speaker: Vineet Shukla,
Director, Data Science & Machine Learning at UnitedHealth Group
Date: 02 Aug 2018

Applied Data Science: From concepts to applications

Speaker: Kranthi Mitra,
Principal Data Scientist at Swiggy
Date: 11 Sep 2018

Building Machine Learning Model from Scratch: Theory and Tutorial

Speaker: Om Deshmukh,
Senior Director, Yodlee
Date: 25 Sep 2018

Deep Learning for Data Scientists

Speaker: Manish Gupta,
Vice president, American Express
Date: 09 Oct 2018

How can you Identify Fraud in Fintech Lending using Deep Learning?

Speaker:Ratnakar Pandey ,
India Head Risk and Analytics at Kabbage, Inc 
Date: 16 Oct 2018

Data Science practice in Health domain and Deep learning

Speaker: Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala,
Principal Scientist, Philips Research India
Date: 27 Nov 2018

Interactive Data Visualisation

Speaker: Amit Kapoor,
Founder, NarrativeViz
Date: 18 Dec 2018

Importance of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Kunal Jain,
Founder – AnalyticsVidhya
Date: 22 Jan 2019

AI Led Transformations: Some Relevant Case Studies

Speaker: Prashant Joshi,
Head -Fractal Analytics
Date: 05 Feb 2019

Practical Natural Language Processing

Speaker: Dipanjan Sarkar,
Data Scientist at Red Hat
Date: 08 May 2019


Decentralization and the Importance of Blockchain

Speaker: Irfan Khan,
Founder, Hypermine
Date: 14 March 2019

DIY Blockchain – Make your own Blockchain Use Case

Speaker: Irfan Khan,
Founder, Hypermine
Date: 28 May 2019

Virtual Panel Discussion- Challenges in Enterprise Adoption of Blockchain

Speaker: Irfan , Digital Economist, Founder Hypermine,
Dr Ravi Chamria – CEO Sofocle Technologies,
Dr Vishal Patil, Sr. Research Scientist, Centre of Excellence for Blockchain Technologies, IIT BombayDate: 25 June 2019

Blockchain Protocols and Security

Speaker: Dr Narendra Kumar , Asst. Prof,
Date:30 Jul 2019

Drivers of Sales force Effectiveness

Speaker: Prof. Deva Rangarajan, Director of the Center for Professional Selling at Ball State University.
Date:3 Dec 2019


The Three Sales Sutras

Speaker: Amit Agarwal,
Senior Vice President, Sales & BD, Manthan Systems
Date: 16 April 2019

Social Selling

Speaker: Amar Sheth,
VP of Customer Success
Date: 16 May 2019

How To Build A Global Technology Company

Speaker: Anil Advani,
Founder & Managing Partner, Inventus Law
Date: 02 April 2019

Value Selling

Speaker: Rajesh Pandit
Managing Partner, La Hoya Business Accelerators
Date: 21 May 2019

MORE FLOW, LESS FORCE – How Flow Can Help You Win improve Sales Performance.

Speaker: Dr. G.Sridhar,
Professor (Marketing), IIM Kozhikode
Date: 21 June 2019

Expanding field operations to U.S.- experiences from the Trenches.

Speaker: Vishal Gupta,
CEO, Seclore
Date: 02 Jul 2019

Scaling B2B lead generation’ using LinkedIn

Speaker: Saurabh Sengupta,
Founder, Sales Design Institute
Date: 16 Jul 2019

Leveraging Inbound Marketing to grow in Red Ocean Markets

Speaker: Nivas Ravichandran,
Product Marketing Manager, Freshworks
Date: 27 Aug 2019

Drivers of Sales force Effectiveness

Speaker: Prof. Deva Rangarajan,
Associate Professor of Marketing and the Acting Director of the Centre for Professional Selling at Ball State University.
Date: 03 Dec 2019

Supercharging Your Demand Generation – some principles, hacks & examples

Speaker: Kingshuk Hazra,
Founder LeadStrategus
Date: 22 Jan 2020


The Art of RPA

Speaker: Tejus Venkatesh,
Chief Evangelist-India &APAC (UiPath)
Date: 30 Jan 2020

Achieving Last Mile Automation through AI

Speaker: Vikas Jain,
GTM & AI/ML Lead (UiPath)
Date: 19 Feb 2020
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