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Martech – An USD 45-55 billion opportunity for Indian IT industry


Marketing and technology have become almost inseparable. In the past few years, with the proliferation of digital channels. Marketers have started to use technology at each step of the marketing value chain, from product planning & media buying to customer engagement to sales and after sales. Few parts, if any, of the marketing function that have remained untouched by the technology, with businesses making significant investments across five key areas. Targeted customer experience enhancement is likely to be the focus for marketers Marketers are increasingly targeting individual customers rather than segments as digital marketing has brought brands in direct contact with the singular consumer. To serve each customer, brands are using advanced and sophisticated analytics solutions to en...

The Way People Buy Has Changed


There are enough studies today to show that customers are 57% through the buying process before they talk to the supplier, there are 5.4 Number of stakeholders in an average B2B purchase decision and a 1% chance of sales reps getting a response from a cold email. Will all these realities, there are many questions in the minds of every Sales and Marketing Professional – How do we manage our processes internally and provide a seamless sale experience to the new age buyer? How do we effectively engage the customers in these dynamic scenarios? How do we turn social Insights into Sales and last, but not the least, How to we turn our sellers into Top Performers? To know more on all this and how organizations can leverage technology to connect with the new age Buyer, NASSCOM Sales & Marketing...

Is it prime time for Data, the ‘glue’ that brings Sales and Marketing together?


In today’s fully connected world, Data is the “glue” that brings Sales and Marketing teams working together. This discussion, held on 11 April 2016 in Mumbai, by the Sales and Marketing SIG focused on the need for alignment of Sales and Marketing for Organisational Success. This event, the second in the series discussed how Data can help both teams work together in harmony for Business Advantage. Sales professionals need to engage prospects BEFORE they firm up a buying decision; “Data” is what helps them understand, analyze behaviour, scoring models & triggers to move closer to a deal. Additionally, “Data” is the reason why more Marketing Budgets are moving from offline to online. Thus, marketing is intricately tied to Data. So the understanding and usage of data becomes critical for a...

Aligning your Sales and Marketing functions – A Special Interest Group Launch


The lack of alignment between sales and marketing functions in an enterprise is an age-old problem, frequently lamented, yet rarely addressed or solved. A new survey shows the lack of alignment is actually becoming a bigger problem today and the disconnect is having a direct effect on top and bottom line performance. This is a feedback from about 1000 Sales and Marketing Professionals – 55% of Sales professionals said they want better quality leads from Marketing, while 34% of Marketing professionals said they want better lead follow-up from sales. So how do you get your sales and marketing teams in the same room, speaking the same language, and moving in the same direction? NASSCOM launched the Sales & Marketing Special Interest Group (SIG) at an event in Hyderabad on 18th Febru...

Design Thinking: How to make one hundred million dollars in six months

  I didn’t expect to hear much about innovation at the India Shared Value Summit last week, but I was pleasantly surprised when Shafi Saxena of News Republic reminded the audience of the two pillars of Design Thinking: empathy and creativity. Those two ingredients make Design Thinking work, and Design Thinking is the engine that drives successful innovation. Shafi made her comments during a panel discussion on how corporations can tap business opportunities in societal needs and challenges. The example she gave was impressive. She cited a group of students who used Design Thinking to invent a solution for warming premature infants. From a blank slate, they created a finished product in 10 weeks. It was field tested in Nepal, where it caused the infant mortality rate to plumme...

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