Re: What is Surface automation in RPA?


What is Surface Automation?Surface automation typically means visual automation using screenshots, image recognition and often also OCR. In other words, you stay on the surface as opposed to using application-specific APIs and hooks.  What are Surface Automation techniques?Visual automation using screenshotsImage recognition OCR etc. How does surface automation help in automating flash objects used on a website? They work on the visual, rendered UI in the web browser. This makes the automation very fast to learn and easy to use. The downside of this approach is that these tools can only automate what a manual tester can do, and not call Flash objects directly. So the other test automation approach is to work with the Flash objects directly, like, for example, SmartBear does. The downside h...

What are some tips for clearing the Blue Prism (RPA) Certification


What is Blue Prism? Blue Prism is the leading RPA tool in the industry. Now the industry fully started using Robotic Process Automation tools.Now the Robotic Automation is trending in the technology world.We can earn better salary as a Blue Prism expert. Each and every organization wants to grow their business with cost-effective and wants to keep growing their business as well. World started using Robotics for lot of requirements.If we learn RPA tools we will get better future.If you are Blue Prism expert you will see better future as soon as possible, Either it can be salary wise or growth wise. Career in Blue Prism: The average salary of RPA professional is $63000.The demand for RPA is increasing rapidly.More than 5 Million jobs are available by 2020 for automation and robotics industry...

What is Surface automation in RPA?


Hi,  I am learning RPA using tools such as UiPath and BluePrism. Can anyone explain me what is surface automation(SA) techniques in RPA? How does surface automation help in automating flash objects used on a website ? thanks

transport safety


33.3 from Bombay shops and establishment Act – Special arrangement should be made for protection of Female employees working before 6.00 a.m. and after 8.30 p.m. including transport What does Special arrangement for protection actually mean. Is providing company arranged transportation with escorts (say unarmed security guards OR male employee colleagues going till last point) considered special and adequate for protection? Or does it also mean providing CCTV camera inside vehicles and escorted drop till the home door opens etc? How about using women drivers? Is transportation time included in definition of working after 8.30pm. If it does, then it creates another problem of breaching 48 hours work in a week, as transportation time in Mumbai can easily be 3 hours/day after 9 hours of...

Work efficacy

Dear HR Fraternities, At the outset thank NASSCOM Community for this online forum. Request your views on the general work efficiency in percentage of a Fresher Vs Experienced (Three+ Years) in an IT Organization. warm Regards

Re: In India, who is responsible for the regulation of Transcription, Call centers, and Data entry Industry?


​, I believe your query is more in terms of getting business, primarily in the data entry and call centre space and less to do with regulation of call centre industry. NASSCOM has an initiative e-Procurement | A NASSCOM initiative which captures tenders for various government projects in India. You may want to refer that. Do note that most reputed organizations have a transparent mechanism to source work and typically release a RFP. For e.g. Banks in India quite regularly release RFPs for data entry work.… One will find many such RFPs. In addition there are specialized portals e.g RFP, Request for Proposals – Government RFP, RFPs, Bids, Tenders, Contracts, Solicita...

In India, who is responsible for the regulation of Transcription, Call centers, and Data entry Industry?


Medical Transcription is valued at 41 billion dollar market globally, Call center business was once a heart of outsourcing in India, data entry industry too was a major player. Now, which organization is in charge of regulating all these activities. How do companies acquire projects from overseas? If you’ve ever searched the internet for the term data entry projects, there are tons of websites that are (or pretend to be) vendors. They charge some upfront fees as consultancy charges and then provide you with project. Now, I assume that business, whether small or large, doesn’t happen this way. So who should people go to for advice and suggestions?

Re: work from home


, Many BPM companies have a WFH policy more as a ’employee convenience’ policy allowing 1 or 2 days a month rather than as effective work management. Reasons being multiple – Compliance (as rightly mentioned by you, requirement to work on client specific systems available only in client certified delivery centers), Technology (where calls (legally) cannot be terminated outside the company’s system), Organization (Organization’s systems have not evolved to manage people in WFH environment) and Benefits (clear articulation of WFH vis-à-vis WFO)

Re: In these times of volatility and uncertainty, BPM companies need to “Re-think, Re-Align and Transform”. How are companies doing this?


Mr. K S Viswanathan, Vice President – Industry Initiatives, NASSCOM, said, “The industry has continued on its path of sustained growth and has evolved in accordance with the changing international trends. Indian BPM players have transformed their approach by evolving into strategic partners driving end-to-end processes and outcomes for clients across the globe, spanning myriad industries. The services being offered by industry players have therefore kept the end-customer as the pivot of every solution being delivered.”

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