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Top 5 ways to improve profitability in selling cloud services


In the era of Information Technology, it is difficult to escape the hype around cloud services. In fact, the worldwide spending on public cloud services is expected to have an astonishing growth in the coming years. It is set to reach around $500 billion in 2023, growing from $229 billion in 2019 which is more than double over the forecast period, according to the latest update by International Data Corporation (IDC). Having said that, the range of the opportunity for cloud service providers (CSPs) is huge, but the competition is intense. To constantly accelerate innovation, while keeping prices low in order to compete is creating enormous pressure amongst CSPs. However, the cloud shift has important indications for cloud providers. The executives need to understand the myriad of selling a...

Top 5 cloud computing challenges for service providers in 2020 and tips to overcome them


Cloud computing has been one of the most exciting and disruptive forces in the IT world in the past decade. The market for cloud solutions is expected to show accelerated growth in 2019 and beyond, as organizations all over the world are moving to the cloud with an aim to power their core business systems along with their customer-facing applications. As per Forrester’s Cloud Predictions 2019, the biggest providers of the cloud will get more powerful, every cloud platform will be reshaped by the containers, and the combination of high-value development services along with low-cost infrastructure will establish cloud as the novel enterprise digital application platform — and this will boost the spending on the cloud. Three important points to be noted from the report: Enterprise cloud spend...

Equinor partners with Microsoft for cloud services, paving way to digital transformation


  Equinor seen as one owner-operator reaching for the clouds and a digital future ARC takes every opportunity to shout from the rooftops when an owner-operator takes action to help them on their path to digital transformation and operational excellence.  Equinor (fka Statoil) is the one operator which ARC has pointed to in the past as being the most progressive in terms of adopting digital technologies, IIoT-enabled solutions and testing/proving these new technologies in the field.  One cannot overstate the importance of Equinor’s efforts since it most definitely paves the way for other operators who may be more conservative to adopt and deploy IIoT-enabled solutions to help lower cost per boe, increase production and recovery rates, and improve operational synergies and collaboration...

Cloud Computing Adoption in Process Automation


One of the discussion points from ARC’s latest DCS market research “Distributed Control Systems Worldwide Market Outlook”, concerned cloud computing adoption as related to process automation systems.  Confusion Over Implementation Practices is Limiting Adoption Most process automation end users are convinced of the benefits of cloud computing technologies and many of them are ready to begin embracing them.  However, there is still a great deal of confusion regarding how to begin adopting cloud and which applications are best suited to the cloud.  This confusion is preventing many end users from investing in cloud, or worse, causing them to invest in areas that will not improve their operations.  In many cases, end users are forced into making their initial investments with unclear benefits...

Security Testing Essentials of cloud-based application


An IDC survey states that 87.5% of IT cloud computing businesses are concerned about Security Issues. Let’s start with some greatest Cloud Security Breach instances!!! Anthem’s Breach and the Ubiquity of Compromised Credentials Amazon Cloud Horror – The demise of Code Spaces Apple iCloud suffered the largest high-profile cloud security breach Target security breach compromised up to 70 million customers’ credit card information during the holiday season Home Depot suffered a similar fate with more than 56 million credit or debit cards and 53 million emails compromised Cloud Security testing is very much crucial to assess the security level of the system hosted in the cloud. This requires ensuring ongoing defensive security controls and proactive regular assessments to check the apps abilit...

Yves Morieux at NILF 2017 – Creating value in an age of increased complexity


We keep colliding with “VUCA”. The term may be at our beck and call even though we may not fully understand its future impact. Like many other terms bandied around, this too has its roots in the army – the US army to be specific. It was coined during the Cold War and spilled into Afghanistan afterwards. Decades later and especially now, business leaders are engaged in strategizing in a volatile environment. Yves Morieux from BCG started his keynote address at NILF 2017 on this brief history and set the context – creating value in an age of increased complexity The task before us is about organising ourselves in a complex environment, which also is the very basis of Change Management. Change, after all, has always been synonymous with human progress. So VUCA is really a lever for us t...