Faculty Fear Not! Blended Learning is here


Did you ever wonder what would happen to teachers when students start learning online? So talk of learning moving online due to technological advancements and now accelerating due to the current crisis might make some believe that the role of teachers would become insignificant or even redundant. But that is far from the truth. Research at NASSCOM FutureSkills has found that learners prefer VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) to purely online learning when it comes to really undergoing deep skilling. People definitely want to be able to engage with a human teacher along with technology, vs only technology. “Embracing Blended Learning” by Amit Aggarwal, CEO SSC NASSCOM, dispels the notion that technology can replace teachers and highlights how the role of the teacher would be enhanced an...

EdTech Product- Parent Investment in Child’s Learning says Pushpa Thantry, Senior Programme Manager, Akshara Foundation


What led to the formation of Akshara Foundation? Can you throw light on some of its ongoing projects? Akshara Foundation was established as a Public Charitable Trust in March 2000. Ashok Kamath, a former corporate head, is our chairman and managing trustee. The Foundation was started with a firm belief that every child has a right to quality education. A beginning was made in 2003 by starting independent balwadis for which women were trained as ‘edupreneurs.’ Being Bangalore-based, the Foundation launched its Remedial Reading Programme titled Oduve Nanu (This translates as ‘I will Read’ in Kannada) in 2004. Ever since we began, our focus has been on primary education, covering grade I to V. Our journey began through a partnership with the Government of Karnataka (GoK). Oduve Nanu was imple...

Democratization of Education via OTT


There is no doubt that the Over-the-Top Video-on-demand phenomenon has transcended beyond just entertainment. When you think of OTT video on demand, you just do not stop at Netflix or Amazon Prime anymore. The month of November 2019 witnessed Viacom18 launch its edutainment OTT platform VOOT Kids. There was also the launch of Hungama Kids, yet another OTT platform for kids that aims at providing a delightful mix of learning and fun. The proliferation of smartphones and exponentially increasing internet penetration have enabled the world-wide democratization of education. As any information we seek is just a click away and truly at our fingertips, learning is not restricted to classrooms only. OTT VOD services will further revolutionize education by virtualizing the classroom where students...