Binge Chat with Dhruv Sarin

Dhruv Sarin – Director & Head of Operations at – answer’s questions on talent sourcing, skilling and much more. Some excerpts from the live tweet chat …

The right talent can be an organization’s biggest differentiator if core skill-sets are matched to organizational requirements and backed up with the right and timely upskilling.

To gain a competitive edge through talent forecasting, companies looking to scale up to have to marry analytics with talent needs. Data that establishes a history of talent management needs to be analyzed effectively and put into practice. Business processes are often overlooked at initial stages of start-ups, when once in the growth stage, this becomes a key focus area and upskilling becomes important to streamline stakeholder happiness, viz customers and employees. Our focus at now is on upskilling employees in deep learning and predictive analytics as it helps immensely with improving overall customer experience – perhaps the most important competitive differentiator.

While hiring talent, we look for a combination of different aspects. While core skill-sets matched to organizational requirements are very important, so is a relatable and relevant experience. One cannot be at the cost of the other. In addition to this, we also look for problem-solving aptitude and decision-making skills. Only with a combination of all of these can talent thrive with us as we believe in intrapreneurship, where freedom and responsibility are at the core of our talent management.

For talent management to be effective, it needs to be supported with very strong company culture. Employees need to believe in an organization’s culture which can help them to achieve their aspirations. Only then will the right talent be pulled to the company rather than the brand pushing itself to draw the attention of top talent.

In addition to the engaging conversations with Mr. Sarin on various topics, we lined up real-life case studies on various challenges faced by industry giants in the arena of HR. We are set to have two days of thrilling experience and knowledge sharing sessions for the event.

Highlights of the conversation:

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