How To Industrialize Analytics

Discussion created by achyutaghosh on Jun 22, 2016

Few firms currently have been able to integrate analytics into organisational fabric and generate sustained long term value. This is largely due to disconnect between business priorities and analytics initiatives, often resulting from:


  • Analytical teams that focus most of the resources on theoretical pursuits or the “art” of analytics
  • Organisational siloes and lack of investment from the ultimate “users” of analytics


In order to address this challenge, what organisations should aim for is “Industrialization of Analytics”

This implies analytics programs that are tightly tied to business outcomes, delivered via engagement models that disaggregate analytics process chain, hive out repeatable and standard processes to centralised process teams, and use standardised tools & approaches.


NASSCOM has come up with a 6 point agenda to industrialize analytics in India, as outlined below-

Industrialization of Analytics-1.png


Industrialization of Analytics-2.png

Raising awareness, creating talent, reducing costs, driving organizational focus, standardizing tools and technology, and creating analytics as a cross functional function- is that all? Or there is more to it?


Let me know your thoughts, experiences and suggestions for industrializing analytics for your clients