Arnab Paul

Tracking your Life... literally in all aspect

Discussion created by Arnab Paul on May 3, 2018

With AI and data collection in the biosciences and especially clinical medicine, this is a massive question likely to be coupled with a spiderweb of state, local and of central laws to emerge centered upon the charged debates on privacy - who gets the data, why, names, other associated data for context - it will be a hard road.


These are the big issues with AI and data gathering in general. In cars do you really want a record of everywhere you went? How long you stayed? Now with these med devices along with you PDAs you can be tracked? Now a connection to your BP and other vitals? This is starts to amount to 24/7 government or private firm monitoring. That's not good to me yet it can be a big benefit. What to do?


Block Chain will be key here but just how truly private can it be?