Rajan Chandi

Transitioning from services company to product company?

Discussion created by Rajan Chandi on Jul 21, 2018

As Indian Product footprint grows, many services companies are working to transition to a product company.


I personally have known a friend (running a services company) struggling with this transition (to product).


My product background (no funding so far)


Founded Hireplug: Social Recruiting Platform (B2B)

  • 300 companies used it in 10 countries.
  • 10 paying customers from India/UK.
  • Built with a small team of 3 members.
  • Featured on ET Now TV Show.


Built Lifetime.fm: Group video chat system (B2C).

  • Built the product single-handedly.
  • 5000 monthly active users.
  • Used by a top 10 rock bands in the USA.


Built Classmint.com: Study Notes Creation System (B2C, US EdTech space)

  • 50k monthly active users.
  • 100+ schools in the USA used it.
  • Recurring revenue to cover infra. costs.
  • Helped thousands of students score well.


My personal recommendation is to work on PRODUCT DEFINITION first.

If you do need help, reach me on twitter @rajcode