4 Critical Things that Slow Down Your Website’s Performance

Apparently, your conversions are going to experience a sharp decline as the loading process of your website increases. A recent study stated that there is an 80% decrease in the conversion rates as the loading time of a website extends from 1 to 4 seconds. Even 40% of the visitors walk away when the loading process takes around 3 seconds.

Hence, it can be concluded that the page loading time is one of the most important indicators for any website’s performance.

As for this discussion, we will examine some other important things that can alter the performance of your website greatly.

Network or hosting service

There are a number of reasons if your website is running slow on the web, and a glitch or issue in the back-end is one of the most common ones. The glitch surfaces more prominently in case your website is visited by a large traffic.

Obviously, if there are some poorly written codes in place, there will be numerous other issues upcoming for your website. Second, there may be an error in the web hosting network, but do note that such issues are due to downtime which is unavoidable.

Third, the resources of your web host might be failing to live up to the needs of your website. In such cases, the only solution is to locate a better or upgrade your web hosting service.

If you think that the codes have been written appropriately and there are no related issues, then your website running slow might be on other technical aspects.

  • If you have acquired a shared hosting ecosystem, then try to use a dedicated hosting plan or upgrade the cloud with additional hosting resources in order to enhance your website’s performance. Startups and medium-sized enterprises registering a considerable traffic on their website often switch to VPS hosting for better performance, due to the fact that it benefits them with a cost-effective, dedicated hosting service.
  • Consider a clever web catching process—it preloads your website’s most frequently visited pages.

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