ARC Surveys Suggest that IIoT Maturity and Energy Management Moving Past the Hype Stage

By Neelam Singh

At a recently concluded ARC Industry Forum in Bangalore, ARC Analysts presented on concepts of Digital Transformation and survey results on IIoT Maturity and Energy Management. Both the surveys were India focused and underpinned the views of India manufacturers and service providers.

This blog focuses on the concepts of Digital Transformation presented by Neelam Singh (Senior Analyst, ARC
Advisory Group), IIoT maturity Survey done by Amruta Kanagali (Analyst, ARC Advisory Group), and Energy Management Survey done by Shruti Gandhi (Analyst, ARC Advisory Group).

In her speech, Neelam Singh spoke about digital transformation and how IIoT is transforming the industrial space. She spoke about how innovation must be done in incremental steps; the market definitions of consumer and industrial products; and the drivers and enablers for digital transformation in manufacturing. Ms. Singh said that innovation leads to business transformation and, ultimately, comprehensive IIoT leads to digital transformation. IIoT technologies improve asset health and uptime; operating performance; safety and risk management; logistics; worker experience; and business processes. She
touched upon some Big Ideas like manufacturing momentum and drivers, innovation, new platforms, comprehensive IIoT or Digital Transformation, holistic approach to asset performance, analytics and IT’s role in manufacturing. She concluded by touching upon barriers of transformation and the transformational change IIoT is expected to bring in.

In continuation to Ms. Singh’s presentation Amruta Kanagali’s presentation focused on the IIoT maturity survey
conducted in India.  The presentation focused on the user perspective of the concepts discussed above. The survey
results showed that to maximize gains from IIoT, companies need the technical infrastructure to collect data from across the extended enterprise and timely decisions should be taken. Other insights gained about IIoT include: agility and flexibility are key; cloud-based solutions will facilitate integration; enables companies to adapt faster to changing requirements. Concerns of respondents revolve around ROI justification and lack of technology standardization.

The presentation by Shruti Gandhi, was based on a survey on energy management. Suppliers and end-users alike participated in this survey and there was some accord in their responses. According to the supplier participants, the top three strategies for energy management are: planning with MES software; measuring energy; and using more energy-efficient motors. The top three strategies cited by the users are: measuring energy; using AC drives; and using more energy-efficient motors. In summary, Ms. Gandhi said that energy management is a continuous process and has to be a part of corporate strategy with continuous checks.

Whether it is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Manufacturing, Industrie 4.0, Digitization, Connected Enterprise, or Digital Transformation – these concepts are clearly moving past the hype stage to the point where real solutions with strong business cases are emerging. The surveys then help us validate these concepts and thus prove that we are moving in the right direction. 

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