Artificial Intelligence–Enabled Sales Process: Many Steps beyond Mobile CRM

“#Artificial Intelligence” (AI) indeed works! In fact, this brilliant technology has been around for many years now. But its importance is just coming to the fore across business landscapes, given its in-built intelligence and cognitive functionality. Artificial intelligence–enabled sales process has certainly mastered the art of perceiving, learning, adapting, performing, reasoning, and recommending across domains. With both Gartner and Forrester acknowledging AI as the technology to watch out for, the focus has clearly shifted from just “mobility-first” approaches to “AI-enabled” solutions.

The question is not whether it will work. The question is, if it does work, how important will it be?

–Marc Andreessen

Banking and other financial services, although slow starters in adopting AI, are now looking at this technology to energize their sales process. Let’s take a quick look at how AI has become such an essential ingredient of sales for financial services.

The need to go beyond mobile CRMs for financial companies

The sales process in this sector is already benefiting from specific mobile CRMs for financial companies. Although the mobile CRMs for financial companies have provided salespersons real-time access to work, accounts, potential customers, schedules, and updates, anytime from anywhere, the need of the hour is for accurate, data-driven insights that give the salespersons a clear edge over the competition.

With customers clearly being at the center of every financial organization and colossal data becoming the most precious enablers, you clearly need a smart assistant who can gather all the relevant data, analyze them, and derive valuable insights – on demand!

This quest for that “extra” technological capability for informed decision-making led the financial services sector to artificial intelligence.

The industry’s interest in AI is indeed remarkable. A recent study listed AI as one of three most significant fintech segments with immense growth potential. Moreover, multiple financial institutions such as Barclays and Capital One have already taken the plunge into AI for most of their important functions

Why is #Artificial intelligence–enabled sales process a core ingredient for any financial company?

AI clearly simplifies every instance of data-dependant decision-making within the financial company’s sales process. How does AI achieve this feat?

Seamless management of limitless data

Every transaction within the financial landscape generates extensive data. Managing this colossal data by sifting out meaningless white noise, analyzing the captured data, and transforming them into secure and precious insights for the sales team is a critical, intelligent responsibility of AI.  AI delivers accurate lead assessments, improves lead generation efficiency, tracks performance against goals, and delivers sales forecasting, eventually contributing to enhanced sales and increased productivity of salespersons. AI also reviews the performance of the mobile CRM and provides a detailed report on its capabilities.

Organizing administrative responsibilities of salespersons

A commonly highlighted pain point of salespersons is their administrative burdens – in terms of gathering customer information, researching about products, understanding their target audience and their needs, creating contracts, and many other such routine activities that have the potential to be automated. However, siloed teams and disconnected sources of information make these tasks quite time-consuming. AI easily takes over these routine, repetitive, logic-based tasks and frees up the salesperson’s time to focus on business-relevant, professional responsibilities.

Enabling a simplified sales process

With AI taking responsibility for a considerable proportion of the salesperson’s work, the speed of the entire sales process increases exponentially. AI also understands its upper limit in comprehension and problem solving and quickly brings in human intelligence to solve instances beyond its capability. This approach streamlines the entire sales process.

Giving the customer a personalized experience

With the financial landscape placing its customers at the top of its list of strategic priorities, delivering an exemplary customer experience takes clear precedence over most other responsibilities. Salespersons are hence required to have in-depth information about their potential leads and anticipate their requirements even before approaching them. This intense level of personalization and relationship building requires extensive data mining and swift response to customer queries and feedback. AI supports salespersons in delivering on this expectation.


AI and automated solutions are clearly the catalysts of disruptive transformation in the sales process for financial services. An intelligent, algorithm-based technology uses data to deliver smart and accurate insights to salespersons. By seamlessly linking the customer as the key player in the sales process and by automating routine, yet critical, activities, AI supports salespersons to take up more challenging and strategically relevant tasks.

But this is just the start of a long and exciting journey for AI as far as sales in the financial services sector is concerned. With more innovative options to be unraveled, AI has clearly paved the way for incredible disruptions in financial services, especially within the sales function.

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