Be the Bomb!

Imagine you are in a crowded elevator. You think it’s packed to the brim and not another soul can enter. Just then, the door opens, a person tries to get in, the occupants move a bit and voila, space gets created for him. Now, what if this person carried in his hand a live ticking bomb? The next second, the elevator falls vacant making him the sole occupant of the space.

The real world is quite similar to the elevator. You think the market is saturated. You then try to find some space for one other person, you fit in there and start operating in your own small way – getting a small slice of the market and being a “me too” in that space. Is this really enough? What if you could be the guy with the bomb – the guy who could drive away all the occupants and dominate the space!

Is that even possible? Why not! Historically, the people who have displaced markets, shook up status quo and unsettled all their competitors displayed some commonalities. I have tried to list out the 4 basic commonalities that make the difference between being just another player and the ‘bomb’.

1. Be hungry for knowledge – Whichever space you operate in; get a complete understanding of the domain, the market, the best practices, the players and the legalese. Try to identify gaps all the time. Remember that’s where you will get your foot-hold. This knowledge helps you find and nurture your ‘big idea’.

2. Dare to dream big – A vivid dream is always the starting point. Believe that your small idea today will spark a worldwide movement. Believe that you have what it takes to change the ecosystem. Irrespective of where you start, believe that the end is at the top of the world. This gives you drive, confidence and conviction to be the bomb.

3. Execute meticulously – Equipped with a big dream and the knowledge, the biggest difference between failure and success would be the execution.  Plan every single detail, enlist the right aides, create robust processes, templates, and recipes and optimize every single resource. Find the best way. Ensure that all the tasks are aligned with these processes. Remember, while you keep your eyes on the big picture, the devil is in the detail.

4. Be differentiated – Let there be differentiation in everything you do. Googling for ideas could possibly spell doom for innovation. Let your customers feel that they are getting something fro@m you that they have never experienced before. This will keep them coming back to you.

These 4 basic steps are perfectly applicable across any field for anybody who wants to dominate a space – be it students, entrepreneurs, employees, service providers or even actors. All you need to do is resolve to be a big, bright, shining and uncompromising star.

So what are you waiting for? The lift is waiting. Get in and be the ticking bomb! Kaboom!

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