Challenges Faced By Mobile App Developers at Present

Any industry in its expansion phase goes through the biggest challenges in its life cycle, and mobile app development is not an exception. Although it feels like it’s been a lifetime since mobile apps have been around, the reality is we have been using smartphone mobile apps since just 2008. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say if the industry is still fairly new. Hence, some of the challenges faced by app development companies are also of the highest degree. In fact, the increasing mass reach of mobile apps is revealing more and more issues that developers need to fix in order to keep the sector alive. In order to tackle the issues involved in the mobile application development space, it is important for one to understand these problems first, which are:



Taking note of the high demand and the potential it contains, most of the coders and programmers have migrated from their respective field to the app development space, which is now bursting at the seams. Android and iOS as well have launched dedicated development stacks to make it easier for anyone who wants to learn and start coding. Android Studio by Google and iOS SDK by Apple are some of the tools that help developers eliminate the basic hurdles in development. With more than a million apps on Play Store, Google’s application distribution system receives more than 1200 apps every day from top android app development companies India. These figures are even more worrying in case of App Store, which receives more than 5000 apps every day.


Shifting Loyalty

Loyalty is one of the biggest factors that matter in the app development space, especially from a business point of view. Getting customers to migrate from their favourite app to a new app is very difficult, even if the app you offer is new and better than what they are already using. Although there are a few techniques like supporting blogs, guest posts, press coverage, social media etc., involved in promoting an app, the costs involved in promotion are quite high and the process is quite time taking. Apart from that, for an android app developers hailing from programming background, these time-taking and effortful practices are just not their cup of tea. So in such cases, hiring a digital marketer becomes important, which may not be very affordable for some programmers.



Performance and Battery

Android and iOS platforms have been consistent at breaking the UX/UI barriers to provide users with the best possible experience. However, for the developer, this means learning new techniques to optimize apps according to the new platforms. Time is quite a constraint in this case because building an app that optimized with the new platform right after its launch is pretty much difficult. But then the real problem arises when developers have to optimize the performance and battery aspects of the app. An app that lacks on either of these factors is bound to go down in no time. But then with limited sources and development kits, it needs much more than a kit to optimize an app according to the platform. Consequently, a chunk of time has to be invested on testing the app, during which competition leapfrogs way ahead.



Another most important factor in android and iPhone apps development is security. In the past few years, security on mobile platforms have increased considerably. Technologies such as end-to-end encryption, fingerprint sensors, Face ID and much more. However, some or the other glitch always appears to negate the success developers thought they achieved. For example – during the launch of iPhone X, Craig Federighi attempted to unlock the phone with Face ID which failed twice. Apple tried to cover this up by responding that it wasn’t a technical glitch, rather a result of repetitive, unintended unlock attempts by the support crew. But then, Face ID fell flat when a Chinese woman claimed that her iPhone X allows her colleague as well to unlock her phone using Face ID. Many other incidents in case of Android as well have happened where trusted voice is not seen as a very trusted way of keeping your phone secure.


It is understandable that the problems in app development space will keep on increasing as the field is yet not saturated, rather is at the brink of evolving into smarter ways of executing tasks, gathering information and doing much more with the help of disruptive technologies like AI, IoT, Machine Learning etc. In order to tackles the challenges mentioned above, the app development must be provided with consistent support.

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