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Following my last blog on Healthcare, I am sharing the world of possibilities that can be unearthed by the industry in fields of EMR. Me and my team has been closely associated with Narayana Health and Dr. Devi Shetty for past three years and the field has caught our interests immensely.

We have been reading a lot and doing various research and this is one product I would definitely like to talk about: EMR.

@EMR – Electronic Medical Records

Today Healthcare is not just about cure it is more about prevention. We have power to access the knowledge with just a tap. But, it’s sad to observe that current Electronic medical records (EMR) in market is just another piece of software that can be used by doctors and patients only post formal training.

Seriously? Training for an EMR! We didn’t need any training for Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, did we? It’s not just about providing a technical solution but it is about providing a right solution that is empathetic towards users and intelligent enough to eradicate problems. Major software companies have spent months and years building EMRs, just to realize that hospitals, doctors and patients aren’t using it the way they were supposed to.

This is where User Experience Design and Emotional intelligent designs play a major role; every other day we read of medical errors that leads to loss of life, but with practicing a good UX practice, we can definitely avoid and overcome these errors.

Imagine an EMR with a seamless experience for doctor while he is prescribing drugs. The app that is as simple as an e-commerce check-out page and takes you through easy but essential steps.

  • What if we design an experience where doctors can see side effects of drugs before he clicks on the prescribe button?
  • What if doctors get a complete medical history of the patients along with the details of drugs that they are allergic to?
  • What if app calculates patients BMI, pointers of medical history, important notes of patient’s medical history?
  • What if doctors get suggestions on medications that they need to be prescribed
  • What if doctors can just focus on patients and not technology?

This is way too exciting and much possible today. I would rather stop with my What If’s here and let you all comment on this.


We will call it a winner when:

  • Patient would be able to maintain their health records and updates as seamlessly as FB posts
  • Share medical records like sharing pictures in Instagram
  • Doctors have all the information in few clicks
  • Doctors can prescribe with easy reminders
  • Doctors can concentrate on patients and not technology
  • When doctors and Patients smile together.

@Anil Reddy, Creative Director, Lollypop Design Studio

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