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Culinary delicacies from East and North East are very well known and savoured all across not only pan India but globally, be it rasgullas that melt in your mouth, ghugni, banshpora, mistidoi or kachuri/luchi, phuchka, chats, jhulu pithas, koshamangsho, momos, patisaptas, fish tenga, khar, sanpiau, jadoh or gyathuk… the list can go on!! (Will attack this area some other day!)

But this quick scribbling below is more about feast and food for thought and few soul curries from the region which is culturally so vibrant; the Eastern part of India. Our job in this premier IT Association @NASSCOM revolves around sentiments, passion and aspirations of our family members in East who are more than active in their day to day projects as well as long term plans.

What can be discovered by someone who visited the main cities in region after a long gap is some surprisingly stirring success cases, passionate people and growing infrastructure (which are strikingly different than so called perception issues). The same happened with me personally as well more than three years back when one moved here (from so called mecca of IT city) with open minds. What followed is a beautiful journey with emerging companies, start-ups, government machinery and other stakeholders in the ecosystem. Paradise is utopia; every place has its share of concerns and challenges as well as potential for more growth and development…so is the case with our beautiful cities in NE and East!

With support and guidance from seniors and mentors in ecosystem, we have done a number of community enhancement and team/group building exercises. Be it social media groups like conNEcting INDIA or regions page of East or live councils and special interest groups on tech-stacks, we have got tremendous enthusiasm and support from local leaders. Events and workshops have been super successful here last few years. We also work closely with other Industry associations and open to help all in field of Information Technology.

Leaders here are not risk averse, like to experiment and always open to unconventional projects. There is a hunger to prove oneself and that shows in client dealings, projects, events or connect sessions as well. It’s a feast here if one knows what and where to put their hands and energy on. It’s a feast for clients who can get quality jobs done at very competitive costs, it’s a feast for BIG IT fishes who can out task a lot of their jobs and portions of projects to very competitive emerging small and medium tech partners and consultants.

A number of factors like English skills (spoken as well as written), attrition levels, analytical abilities, aptitude …all are in advantage positions here. Live testimonies are sons of soil who are working in senior roles elsewhere in country and globally. And believe you me…many of them would want to come back here like me and number of other friends… what is required is that extra incentive and moral boosters from ecosystem (including Government) here.

Northeast has always a special place in my heart, as are the picturesque locales and clean cities for someone like me who likes to escape once in a while from city life with a camera in backpack. My brothers from the 8 jewels of India are extremely hardworking and talented, committed to assigned jobs, have good leadership qualities given opportunities. With support from State and Central Governments, more advanced infra (with bandwidth issues taken care of), some of the cities are being scouted by IT biggies for more development centers. My sincere request to all hearing me is to give these places a fair chance and just see what you get in return!!

I will stop here, but will keep penning down regularly on specific matters now on, will try to go bit deep into priority topics … It’s a feast for me here and it’s a feast for many of my friends; do come and share the good stories and perceive these amazing places from region!!

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