FORM GSTR-3B for the month of September 2018 is being extended till the 25th of October 2018


The Finance Ministry has stretched the last date for filing GSTR-3B for September to the 25th of October. This extension implies that businesses will have time till the 25th of October to claim Input Tax Credit or ITC for the period of July 2017-March 2018.

This extension in the deadline has been necessitated after businesses expressed concerns about the October 20th deadline set earlier. This is because they felt that they would face problems in reconciling their sales returns with the purchase returns that are filed by the suppliers.

The last date for filing the GSTR-3B of any month is the 20th day of the next month. ITC is claimed based on the summary returns filed i.e. GSTR-3B filed and, therefore, extension of the last date for filing GSTR-3B also extends the last date to claim ITC for the July 2017-March 2018 period.

However, taxpayers who have recently migrated to the GST regime from the earlier tax regime will get time till the 31st  of December to file their annual returns.

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