Future of Web Design and Development in 2018


Predicting future of anything comes along with analyzing the past and present trends. What follows next is a list of what’s going to happen in the world of web design and web development in 2018. Read along…


1. Minimalism, with a splash of bright colours

As technology advances towards giving us screens that display vibrant colors at their best; bright and happy colors can help you make use of the psychology of color and emotion. Use minimalistic designs with bold colors sensibly to attract visitors and set yourself apart from competitors.

2. Say it all with photographs
Gone are the days when finding a good photograph was like looking for a needle in the haystack. Make your photos tell a story so that your customers can relate to it on a personal level. Customize pictures according to your brand rather than using them in a plain and generic manner.

3. The age of micro-interactions
Micro-interactions allow customers to engage with the user experience on a website. We don’t have to reload pages when writing testimonials, liking a post or commenting on it.

Such interactions allow users to communicate in real time, eliminating all kinds of browsing speed-related problems. Social media sharing buttons, sub-divisions and expressions perform a major role in facilitating productive interactions.

4. Be unique with animations, individual illustrations and SVG
Build animations for a simple and effective outlook. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the recent, most preferred image extension used by designers. These help keep your audience glued to the website and will tempt them to scroll till the end.

Animate buttons, logos, backgrounds, menus and incorporate meaningful illustrations to dispense information more creatively.

5. Colorful Variable Fonts –The Need of the hour
Variable fonts can help you add bling to a bland webpage. Typefaces impart a different character to your content and make it more readable. Use crisp and colorful fonts to make your content, negative space and CTA stand out.

6. Making the switch from native to progressive web applications
Progressive web apps allow for functionality features like push notifications, offline mode, splash screens and animated page translations. They also allow apps to learn about customer preference and behavior. All this without occupying unnecessary space in user’s phone, PWA is the future; invest in it.

7. Increased Usage Of Conversational Interphase
With facilities like Alexa & Siri, expect conversational interphase to be another budding trend this year. Developers aim to build bots that can easily facilitate human-like interaction with an online customer.

8. Speech Search On The Go
Functional websites are looking forward to speech search powered by natural language processing. You can search for anything by just talking to your search engine, no need to type brings along conversational search into picture.

9. Experience Brands With AR/VR
This year is another step ahead towards progress in AR & VR. We can look forward to many sellers eliminating loopholes between websites, apps, mobiles and user experiences. Pokémon Go and Google Pixel 2’s AG stickers attempt to make use of this technology. In due course of time, AR is going to outshine VR.

10. AI –The Trend We All Have Been Waiting For
Collaboration between AI & UX is what we can look forward to in the coming future. AI systems will have a strong impact on the robotics, the retail industry and the service consumption sector.

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