Google Play Store vs Apple App Store


Android and iOS are the two major mobile platforms in today’s market. Android phone users download apps through play store whereas iPhone users make use App Store (iTunes). Users can easily download apps using these play store feature without having to browse other websites. There is no point of effecting your phone with viruses. Users can easily update app using this feature. Both Google Play and iTunes provide apps, books, TV series, music and movies.

The comparison between stores can be made depending upon number of available apps and total number of downloads. Following are the ways which shows Google Play Store is better than the App Store.

Developer-friendly: Google Play Store is more developer friendly when compared to App Store, because of its large open-source development community, and easily available development tools. Only a few iPhone apps will be selected and allowed on the iTunes because the filters of App Store are too strict. Users can easily find variety of creative and interesting apps in Google Play Store. It contains some powerful theme launchers that can completely change the look of Android, which you cannot find on the App Store.

Visibility: A user looking for a particular app would be able to find it quicker on Google Play Store as compared to iTunes. This is because, Google Play Store uses Google Search to analyse the query and text present in app’s description page to display search results using rankings algorithms. And because an app on Google Play Store is automatically linked to Google’s own credible distribution system, it gets priority over App Store on Google Searches.

Recommendations: User reviews or opinions can help one greatly, in deciding whether to download an app or not. Reviews are front-and-center in Google Play Store as compared to App Store. You can easily find ratings and commentary given by the users on Google Play Store, whereas in App Store recommends users to download apps based on apps merits, and doesn’t entertain user reviews.

Affordability: Even though there are lots of apps that provide similar functionality and quality, users are more likely to go with apps that are free. One of the positives about Google Play Store is that it houses apps that are either free or way cheaper compared to those on App Store. iOS developers charge more for the apps because there are very less number of alternatives, and App Store is quite selective about listing apps on iTunes.

Web Interface: Providing a web interface to install apps on your phone: just Google things! This is one of the notable features of Google Play Store because as it allows users to install an app on phone through a web browser on your PC. Google Play Store will give you the option to install the app on your Android smartphone or tablet directly from web browser whereas, iPhone users have to launch App Store on their iOS devices in order to install an app.

Provides better and organized information: Google Play Store provides more information when compared to App Store. Both the app markets provide screenshots but Google Play Store also includes commercial video made by the  app developers which gives an idea about how the app works and how it can be used. Giving users a demo of the app is vital for facilitating its downloads, and in this case, Google Play Store hits just the right spot.

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