Government revokes increase in Special Economic Zone Online Portal’s usage charges

Dear All,

This is in reference to a change in the Special Economic Zone Online Portal’s pricing in October 2017. Subsequent to this the Annual usage fee of INR 10K were replaced by a monthly charge of INR 2k.

NASSCOM had raised this issue at all levels within the Ministry of Commerce including the Concerned Additional secretary. We had highlighted the impact particularly from small and mid-sized company’s point of view.

Glad to share that the requirement of monthly charges of INR 2,000 is now revoked and the earlier charges of INR 10,000 annually continue to prevail.  Some of the member companies have already received official communications and refunds on the increased charges paid. We suggest you to check with authorities in case you continue to be charged as per monthly fee.

The updated fee structure is also available here:

Do share your views if any.


NASSCOM Policy Advocacy Team

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