Govt clarification on SOFTEX forms

Government clarifies that provision to amend, cancel and withdrawal of SOFTEX forms is available to companies under the Export Date processing and monitoring system


In response to concerns raised by NASSCOM, RBI has confirmed that  that SEZ/STPI are permitted to report changes in SOFTEX in the EDPMS of RBI with proper flag indicating amendment /cancellation. These provisions are available under the following heads in the EDPMS system.

  • ‘Record indicator 1’ is for new data;
  • ‘Record indicator 2’ is for amendment;
  • ‘Record indicator 3’ is for cancellation of SOFTEX form.

Further, STPI has issues internal communication informing all the STPI directors about the availability of the facility of modification and cancellation of SOFTEX.  We urge you to contact your regional STPI offices for further clarifications in this regard and keep us posted about hurdles if any.

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