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Taking cue from an interesting Article by @JBBC 12 Ways To Search For Health-Related Content On Twitter via Marie Ennis-O’Connor | LinkedIn  
Marie presents a very interesting set of stats in her post on LinkedIn,  

Twitter’s statistics are mind-blowing. According to Internet Live Stats

  • every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter which corresponds to over 350,000 tweets sent per minute, 
  • 500 million tweets per day and 
  • around 200 billion tweets per year! 
  • So, how do you keep up with all those tweets? 
  • Obviously it’s impossible to keep up, but you can handle the avalanche better through a combination of maintaining Twitter lists of the people you follow, health-related hashtags, etc., and using Twitter’s Advanced Search Engine. .

, end quote.

Keeping this in mind and the opportunity it presents for research and understanding the industry trends, we at @HCITExpert, have been trying to Index (so to speak) various articles and shares by the community members on twitter, their blogs, magazine articles, and many other sources we follow; by hashtagging these articles with relevant Healthcare Hashtags used by the community.

Well it goes without saying that there are different versions of the hashtags, but we have tried to select a few and be consistent with those in our effort to share content at the same time continue to hashtag the twitter posts with these relevant hashtags.

Our content curation on Twitter involves using a combination of two hashtags (or more at times). One is the Anchor hashtag and the other one is a context hashtag.

 #HITSMIND: The anchor hashtag

We use this hashtag as the main anchor hashtag for all our tweets. 

The anchor hashtag allows us to identify the curated content we have been sharing on twitter.

The Context Hashtags: 

Since we have a content anchor hashtag that identifies the content we have shared via our twitter account, we have been additionally adding one of the context hashtags that provides a context to the tweet. 

For instance, if the article we are tweeting from a popular content source, is about Mobile Health, we append the tweet with the hashtags

 #mHealth #HITSMIND

 This way the hashtag: #mHealth provides the context and the anchor hashtag: #HITSMIND provides us the ability to find the HCITExpert curated content. 

 Here is a listing of some of our CONTEXT HASHTAGS that we use to add context to the curated tweets: 


During the HIMSS ’15 conference, we found a lot of folks had been sharing some very interesting Healthcare and Healthcare IT related stats. We started to make a listing of these as part of a Day – wise blog post. Subsequently we realised the power of #Hashtagging these tweets with the #wallofstats context hashtag. So if you were to head over to Twitter and search of the term 

  #wallofstats #HITSMIND  

you will find an interesting list of stats that you could use for your presentations. We continuously keep updating these stats as an when we come across an interesting Health IT related statistic.

The above combination provides us a top level node for all the tweets that are about Healthcare or Health IT Statistics.

We have also added additional context at times to the #wallofstats tweets by including one of the Context hashtags, for instance, 

  #mHealth #wallofstats #HITSMIND

The above combination indicates that the tweet is a Healthcare IT stats tweet about mobile Health. This presents to us a sub-node to the #wallofstats #HITSMIND statistics tweet.

 We have also used the Conference hashtags along the the wallofstats hashtag combination to indicate that the tweet was shared during a particular conference, for instance: 

 #RSNA15 #wallofstats #HITSMIND

 indicates a Healthcare or Health IT related statistic that was shared during RSNA15. This is another subnode.

Additional Context hashtags 

We have been using to curate the twitter content we share with the community are shared below. Head on over to Twitter and search these hashtags in combination with the Anchor #HITSMIND hashtag to review some of our curated content.

      • #mHealth
      • #Interoperability
      • #wearables
      • #ICD10
      • #Telehealth, #Telemedicine
      • #DigitalHealth #Startups
      • #DigitalHealth
      • #Infographic
      • #patientengagement
      • #precisionmedicine
      • #cognitivecomputing
      • #datascience
      • #genomics
      • #POWHIT
      • #Predictions16


The Tweetchats: 

Tweetchats, Tweetathons are an interesting trend wherein a community gathers online or in person at a specific date and time and share their thoughts around a topic chosen by the chat moderator. 

They are a great source of community driven content curation that is close to a topic of discussion.

 Here are some of the interesting TweetChats we have been following: 

 You will get news before news happens, IMHO.

    • #HITsm: A healthcare IT based hashtag used to share tweets with info and also the weekly HITsm tweetchats every Friday at 11am CST.
    • #hcsm, #hcsmca : Healthcare Social Media and a derivation for the canadian healthcare Social Media. I have found communities also from South Africa – #hcsmSA, Europe – #hcsmeufr, India – #hcsmin, Australia and New Zealand – #hcsmANZ, Philippines – #hcsmPH
    • #HealthXPh: is a community hashtag with the tweetchats happening every saturday evening, 830pm PH Time. Experts from Philippines and around the world share and discuss various healthcare and healthcare IT related topics regularly in this forum. TheHealthXPh forum is here.
    • #hcldr: the Healthcare Leaders community is another great community to follow which again has a very active set of members and an equally active tweetchat happening every Tuesday at 830pm ET. Follow their Healthcare Leadership Blog
    •  Other additional Hashtags which are very interesting and with robust communities are: #doctors20, #CMIOChat, #HITMC, #HSASIA, #irishmed
    • There are a host of Communities and Tweetchats that can be found onSYMPLUR’s Healthcare Hashtags
    • There are some great conference Hashtags which you should IMO keep a close track of for some really amazing content. You can find a complete list of conferences on the SYMPLUR website. Here are some of them we follow:
      • #HIMSS16
      • #RSNA15
      • #ArabHealth
      • #TXFM
      • #MEDX
      • #health2con
      • #NHITWeek  

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