Here’s a List of Free Tools for your Business

Smartphone user make sure they make the most out of it. It is one of the best digital tools that can be used to get the task done efficiently. Apps that can help you financially can prevent you from carrying huge piles of data in your inbox, which could be risky considering the cyber-crime scenario.

Mobile apps development can help businesses in increasing productivity and profitability. With the connectivity they offer, staying in touch with customers is easier than ever. Adopting mobile phones in business can help in easy access and delivery of products or services. Apps act as constant reminder for business and increases customer engagement.

Following is list to top business apps that one can make use of:


MS Outlook: An app from Microsoft that is commonly used as email and includes many features like calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking and web browsing, where you can organize future meetings and plan your schedule. Communication with client is very necessary, and MS Outlook is the perfect solution to smoothen the communication channels.

Evernote: What Evernote does for you is this: it allows you to make notes, sync it across any compatible device and let other contribute to the notes. This app can help you get rid of hefty paperwork and provides simple interface for storing info in the form of text, picture, video, and many other formats. You can also save business documents and cards, and draw them anytime you need them. One of the important features of Evernote is that one can share notebooks, which means you work with your colleagues and clients on the same document.

Skype: Initially launched for facetime or video-calling purpose, Skype by Microsoft quickly gained recognition as a free tool used in business. It allows you to carry out video conferences with a person or even a group. Its main benefits are low-cost, ease of use, reliable. Skype will help you to make international calls and instant messaging, and hence reduces cost, which is basically the motive of every company.

Google Drive: One of the most secure cloud storage platforms, Google Drive provides online data storage service, and is accessible through PC or any smartphones. It helps you to access your stored files anywhere and upload new files anytime, irrespective of the format of file. Advantages of using Google Drive in your business are inexpensive file storage, syncing and sharing via links, which can be made accessible to a specific person or public.

Google My Business: Got a new business? Google My Business is the app you need for assured recognition. Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to appear across Google including search and maps. Google My Business contains insights that analyse local listings in Google Search and Google Maps. It is a new way to add links to the local results in Google that benefits customers to place orders, reserve table and more.

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