How iPhone X has Leapfrogged Android this time

With the ever-expanding base of smartphone users, iPhone and Android App Development Companies India are growing an inch every day. And if you are planning to add another drop to the sea and have a money vault bursting at the seams, hold it right there because the new iPhone X has come for you, and it is bigger better, faster than ever.


Yes, the iPhone X is out and about, and has taken the world by storm. However, we can still notice some of the Android lovers chanting ‘Oreo, Oreo’. This article shows how the iPhone X has vanquished its competitors, at least for a couple of years.

Here’s how:

Design: People want phones with great looks and greater design. And iPhone X has incontrovertibly the best design among Galaxy S8, iPhone 8Plus, Pixel 2L and others. With a truly ergonomic design, it is attracting more number of customers. It makes you feel that your phone is special and unique. iPhone X contains ‘Face ID’ feature which provides more accurate and secure face authentication tech available.

Display: iPhone X and android phone Galaxy S8 has few differences in terms of display. iPhone X contains ‘Super Retina’ which provides high resolution screen. It is the first to make use of OLED and Apple’s True Tone tech, which adjusts to white balance to adapt to your environment. Galaxy S8 tops in terms of sharpness. According to Display Mate, agency that tests the display declares iPhone X has best ever display when compared to any other phones.


Hardware and Performance:The processor in the iPhone is much faster. iPhone X with A11 Bionic processor and iOS 11 makes it really fast and responsive. With no lags at all, customers can browse, scroll and click images quickly with superfast 3D Laser focus.


Faster Updates and International Warranty: iPhone X will get faster updates and it will be upgraded for at least 2 years. Updates will be better when compared to other android phones. Since it has international warranty, you can get it serviced anywhere in the world, till it is under warranty.


Animoji: iPhone X supports live and animated emoji called Animojis. One can record their own personalized animoji, which imitates their expression and facial tones. Animoji use Face ID’s hardware face scanning feature to create custom 3D versions based on our facial expression. Before you send a message, emoji’s are animated in real-time.


Ultra-narrow Bezels: Only iPhone X has 83% screen to body ratio according to GSMArena. Bezels are notably thin, all around borders. The phone’s display is stretches to the bottom and curves behind itself so that the screen that actually displays images could be hidden behind the screen, instead of below itself like other smartphones in the market.


The world of iPhone is going bigger with the increased number of iPhone buyers in India, China and other Asia Pacific regions. If you ever wanted to develop an iPhone app, this could be a great time for it. Meanwhile, you can think about getting your app developed by FuGenX technologies Pvt. Ltd, India’s best iPhone app development company Mumbai and also the best mobile application development Delhi. The tools we use for iPhone application development are JASON, XCODE, iOS VIRTUAL MACHINE, iOS SIMULATORS. FuGenX has 9 years of proven experience in developing world-class iPhone applications for global customers.

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