How Mobile Apps Play Important Role For Your Business: Lessons I Have Learned Throughout My Development Career

Discussing app development with a business prospect is not an easy task to accomplish. Giving the fact that costs are explosive if you are situated in US, UK or any developed countries. Most of the companies have gigantic development offices in countries like India, Philippines but that is only possible if your budget is high. This article will not go into details of complexity but will discuss positive points of having an app for your business.

Every company is building an app for either android or iPhone. By 2010, the concept of having an application for business was different compared to 2015. By then, only the big businesses were interested in developing the application. Names like Citibank or Amazon were carefully foreseeing the development prospects. After the explosion of smartphones, cost of development has gone down small and medium size businesses are giving importance to this area. Terms like user-friendly, lightweight and custom version, low data were unknown before the mobile era.

About 85% SMEs businesses are having an android app compared to 10% in 2011. No matter, if you are owning a corner burger shop, an alcohol store, beauty spa, and entertainment center. You will definitely see the app option visible on its website main page. This gives birth to marketing trend, which was invisible in during early  2000s. In case, you are not convinced to build an iphone app. Here are some points that you have to read before getting to the final decision.

Visibility to Clients


People in the US and Europe are spending about 5 hours each day on mobile or handheld devices. These average times make about 40% of the total active period. About 94% apps do not make them visible to the public and got hit by the avalanche during the first few months of the launch. But this does not change the fact that users are spending hours to get an app. Either by scrolling or spending time with Android or apple stores search and reading reviews from other users. During this time, there is the greatest opportunity that your Android app will get in the eyes of the user sub-conscious mind comparing by seeing name/description/image of the application. Our conscious mind will not detect it but will create special space in the user mind.

A direct way to market what you believe for your clientele

Apps are a platform to greater deals. You can launch, support and maintain multiple marketing tools using apps. You can launch a new product by mentioning on the main page, showcase the discounts arrival, book multiple forms, search box for better navigation through the app and direct access to features, access to users accounts, communicate directly with app users, provide feeds for news that are difficult to know, and anything that you can imagine. Foodie, which was created by IOandCo android team was the first app in the Middle East market. This app had the avalanche effect for its users and I was happy to get an email from the team as they wrote the usefulness to my article I had published the marketing an app.

A user like anything that easily reaches their finger tips, without even tapping a single button/screen on the phone. The most important feature is the ‘notification popup’, if it is perfectly used (otherwise it is something comes in the spam term), can increase the chances of successful launch or sale by almost 10-20%, which is huge comparing with annual sales companies try to achieve. So, always use Android/iPhone/windows apps for better visualization for your clients.

Creating art of Value For Your Clients


Mobile phones are becoming a new trend to achieve the trust of your clients. Even a simple android phone app can do the trick for you, which is cheaper. Rather than sending expensive cards to your clients, consider sending everything using a pop-up notification on your classy iPhone app. Results? Clients are happier, bounce-rate will increase and more people will join your application. The Internet is full of apps that can take care of those aspects for you. Like Punchme, you can send any message in an elegant way to anyone using your app. For example, if you want to send an Independence day message using your travel ticketing app. You can simply click one button and everything will be taken care off. Comparing with the old way (sending cards) will require allotting of capital and time.

Easiest way to create the brands and produce star recognition

The developer says that an app is a canvas and you can whatever you want with it. You will bend the road into any direction you want. Like, having something classy, navigable, surprising or useful. In simple words, you need an app, which is elegant to attract new users loyalty.


To increase the recognition, you need your app users to get more interactive with your app, which can result in an increase in the buying out of the products/services. Effective frequency is a term using by marketing people, which says people need to see your product/service on a billboard/tv/social media/app for 20 times before they can make a decision of buying it out. A report published by a credible app development firm has shown shocking but positive results on launching a new product or promoting it. The first factor was to consider the timing which is obviously important but there are other timings exist which can provide a 13% (average increase) in the product/service sales. Other factors like age, gender, launch time interval and multiple other things were shown with solid data output results.

Help users to engage with your app

Apps are the best way to communicate  with your clients. For example, having a call option in the app will help your clients to directly connect with you without going from leaving the app, opening the phone dialer, dial the number and get on a call with you/your team. There is a reason, why Uber and Airbnb are becoming successful they use many useful shortcuts for their users that made the job extremely easy.

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