How to watch Golden Globe Awards 2019 Online

Let us all be honest and feel the excitement in our nerves, we have been waiting for this and it is finally here. For the fans and enthusiasts of the global awards, the season is finally here and we got you covered to ensure that you don’t miss a single occasion with our live stream.

Time has come for people to gear up once again for the 76th edition of the Golden Globes Awards. If you are asking about the date, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s event is set to go down on January 6th, 2019 in the famous wonted setting, Beverly Hills, California.


How to Watch 2019 Golden Globes Live Stream Online

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are or what time it is. Anyone can follow the proceedings of the event through their local NBC channel after the renewal of their broadcasting contract.

This, however, is not the only way to follow the event live. You can watch Golden Globes 2019 online by streaming the event on your personal computer, tablet, phone or any other streaming device you might have.

You have the freedom and ability to follow the Golden Globe Awards 2019, come on, it is a live stream for all of us. Golden Globes Awards Live Stream 2019: Live Streaming Options

Let us all delve a little bit into the books of history. Since the inception of the award, NBC has been the one with the broadcasting rights for the event. However, it was only until the last the year 2018, this year, which people were able to enjoy it. wherever they are through streaming the event online. The same is set to continue as one can watch the golden globes 2019 online via various live streaming platforms.

There are various available options if you want to consider the live stream as a way to follow up on the happenings in California. If you are wondering, where you can watch the golden globes awards 2019 online, here are the live stream options you can choose from. Stream the Prestigious Event on NBC.

In the years before 2018, NBC was given the television broadcasting rights for the event, but they did not stream the event live on their network. That was dealt with and is not the case now as you can expect to catch the event live on NBC. which is their official website.

All you require are a high-speed internet connection, a computer, laptop or any other streaming device, and an active subscription to a TV provider. Once you have everything ready, all you have to do is get to and live stream the event. That is how 76th golden globes live stream has been made easy.

For those using satellite and cable television, you can still enjoy golden globe awards 2019 watch online. The good news is that most satellite and cable TV providers can stream live since NBC uses TV anywhere. If you still stuck on how to watch golden globes online, here are a few steps and guidelines to get you on the same page.

Just to make sure you’re set up and ready to follow the proceedings on NBC’s online platform, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Once you have your streaming live device and connected to the internet, go to the nbc/ live website and using your favorite browser to open it.
  2. From there, you have the options of choosing a service provider. Select your TV service provider from the options available on the screen. Alternatively, you can search for your service provider using the search tool available on the network.
  3. Login in using your credentials when asked. Sometimes you can be logged in automatically if your TV and internet service providers are the same company.
  4. Now you are set and ready to go. Enjoy the golden globe awards 2019 watch online as well as golden globe awards red carpet live stream.

Golden Globes 2019 Live Stream using the NBC app

For an easier option especially for those with tablets and mobile phones that support live streaming, there is the availability of the NBC app. The NBC app has all the convenience and it is easily adaptable. Especially if you are on the move, traveling or you are just in need of privacy when and solitude when watching.

It is the best option to follow on the proceedings where you won’t disturb probably by children or any other inconveniences that may come with watching the Golden Globe Awards live stream 2019 on the television.

Also, the app will come in handy if you intend to follow the awards proceedings using your game console, TV, tablet or your phone. we have to agree how convenient this sounds. The app can be downloaded for free which makes it quite affordable for anyone who wants to get it. It is also user-friendly which makes easy to use. If you are considering to use the NBC app for golden globe awards live stream 2019.

Here is how to use the app on your phone or tablet for streaming.

  1. First, download the application for free and install it on your phone or tablet.
  2. launch the application on your phone. Ensure that your phone has enough power so you can avoid interruptions or having to use your phone while it’s connected to power.
  3. Click on the Menu button/icon that is indicated by horizontal lines.
  4. Among the menu options, select live.
  5. case you are prompted to share your location, click on the “CONTINUE” button. If required, allow the NBC app to access your location information.
  6. Select your TV service provider from those listed on the app.
  7. After that, log in using your username and your password using the credentials you use with your TV provider. Again, this stage can happen automatically if your internet provider and your TV provider are the same.
  8. Verify whether your Television Provider is available on the main screen of the app.
  9. Launch the app when the event is on. The NBC app functions well in most popular devices. But you should also know that there is a version of the app for Apple devices, Android devices, Amazon devices and Xbox one for efficiency purposes. There, also, is a channel for Roku. The app does not function any differently as its functionality remains the same in all these devices and efficient depending on how well you have followed all the instructions and the connectivity of your device.

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