Indian IT-BPM industry maintains double-digit growth; on track to reach USD 350 billion by 2025

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) reveals various trends that enabled the Indian IT-BPM industry to clocking double-digit growth of 12.3 percent (constant currency terms) in exports and 10 percent in domestic revenues for FY2016.


  • Exports revenue grew at 12.3% (in constant currency terms) to cross $100 bn and reach $108 bn
  • Domestic revenue grew by 10 per cent ₹1410 bn
  • Industry adds 2 lakh employees in FY2016 reaching a total employee base of 3.7
  • India increases market share in global sourcing from 55 to 56 percent

WAY FORWARD FY2017 (Projected)

  • Exports to grow by 10-12% in USD constant currency
  • Domestic to grow by 11-13% in INR
  • Expected Net Employment addition around 2 lakh

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