IoT is a process, a revolution

While many of us have heard of driver-less autonomous cars, smart cities, smart traffic signals, but none of us really know when and how is it going to impact our own lives.

One fine day we are not going to say ‘yes!‘ to all of these. There is always a process and iteration that every revolution goes through.

For example,

Johnson & Johnson has put its R&D team to make their smart lift. But what about 3 million lifts which J&J has already deployed.

What about those 1.25 billion motor vehicles existing on the roads currently. Will they be replaced or upgraded?

Can we make our existing AC smart, or do we need to buy a smart AC?

Can we make our existing home a smart home or do we need to give a contract to a home automation company to build a smart home from the scratch?

Do we need to buy a smart wallet or can we make our existing wallet a smart one, so you never loose it again.

With internet at its best and mobile phones empowering every individual, we absolutely have the right foundation to step inch by inch towards the SMART revolution.

It all starts with small use cases like trackers -wallet, key chain, travel bags (lost and found cases), plug and play modules to upgrade our existing AC, TV, car etc., smart door locks, garage locks, bike locks, heath trackers, smart watches any many more specifics depending on your priorities and utilities. 

Then we move to higher end possibilities like Home Assistant, car assistant, kitchen assistant, smart wifi, which can connect to our existing smart utilities to give us control with a seamless experience with all sorts of interface like voice, touch, gesture or even mood recognition. 

Meanwhile every product brand, big or small is looking to disrupt the industry. Brands have already put a dedicated team to smarten up their existing product line. For example -Prestige will make smart cooker, Nike will make smart sport shoes, Samsung will make smart fridge, AC. But this looks 3-5 years down the line.

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