Is your Data Secure when it’s stored in Cloud?



Primary concern of a personal user to large enterprises regarding data is maintaining security. For this purpose users store files in Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and many other so their data is more secure. Data in Cloud is stored in an encrypted form and hacker has to break this code to read the information. To ensure that customer’s data is safe and secure cloud based security providers have offered cloud based security solutions. This includes data access permission only to the authorized and limited people.

How safe is cloud?

Cloud providers store backups in multiple locations. Cloud management systems secures your data using authentication processes like usernames and passwords and also data encryption methods to protect data from being hacked. But the encrypted keys location varies according to the selected cloud storage services. Cloud is safe when it is used properly. All that matters is how well a user makes use of it.

So now let’s see how you can safe your data in cloud by yourself-

  •      Before uploading any of your data, encrypt it using your own encryption software and later upload the encrypted file into the cloud. For further access to the file login to the service, download it and decrypt it by yourself. Cloud services of company are still able to modify the data by altering the encrypted file before you access it and for this purpose use the authenticated encryption. This not only stores the encrypted file but also provides additional metadata that allows user to detect whether the file has been edited or not. Use trusted open-source software before you start uploading it in the cloud and these software’s are cost effective and mostly available for all OS.
  •      Use unique and random passwords for storing data in the cloud. Avoid using same passwords and make use of 2FA (two-factor authentication).
  •      Don’t store all your data in one single place. Use different cloud accounts for backup.
  •     Don’t let your computer save your login info thinking that you can save your time by directly logging in without have to type your id and password again. Log out every time especially if you are using a public computer so that unauthorized ones cannot reach your data.

Cloud is transforming businesses in many ways. Companies across the globe are widely using cloud storage systems to store data and are spending millions in acquiring the storage platform. Cloud storage prevents the complexity of owning and maintaining their own infrastructure and reduces cost. Cloud storage systems aims at providing security to the customer data every time. It restricts unnecessary access and offers backup for the customers in case of data loss. It provides maximum protection to the users sensitive data through encryption and has applications to manage private data in cloud.

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