Japan relaxes B visa norms for India

I have a good piece of information to share with you all. After all of these years of lobbying the Japanese Govt it appears that our long standing demand has been met w.r.t B visa norms for Indian businessmen.


We were all facing problem of short duration B visa being accorded to Indian travellers for business and at certain times for duration of travel only. This after asking the sponsoring companies in Japan to courier ink-signed version of the invite letter with certificate of incorporation (sometime these are as heavy as books) of their business entity.



Simplification of visa application documents. ‘Applicant’s Employment Certificate’ and ‘Explanation Letter stating the reason of applying for multiple-entry-visa’ will be exempted in applying for multiple-entry-visa. In principle, applicants will be able to apply for multiple-entry-visa with only three documents below:


-Visa Application Form (with Photo)

-Documents to prove the financial capability (for tourism purpose) / Documents to prove the applicants affiliation to certain enterprises (for business purpose)

Press release attached


We are given to understand that this should take care of our reported problems. Timing also was very nice as it happened on the day of 5th ICT WG meeting in Delhi.


We welcome this announcement as this has been our long-standing demand for past many years especially when GOI relaxed visa norms for Japanese travellers unilaterally. This should pave way for smoother B visa travel for thousands of business travellers to Japan.

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