Loyal Customers – Why they are important and how to retain them?

Ever wonder why you aren’t selling as good as before? Wonder why your customer base is shrinking more than it expands? Stop wondering and open your eyes to the fact that your customer retention rates have gone down. Some of the business holders may give more weightage to new customers and building leads, while forgetting that retaining customers is as important as building new leads and more.

Customer loyalty is one of the most important factors involved, especially if your business is at a small to medium scale. It is the loyal customers to whom you can easily sell again and again, without putting much effort, apart from one obvious effort i.e. engagement.

In this article, we will talk about how you can retain your customers, so that your business always has a cushion to fall on.



Apart from deals and discounts, you can use personalization of mobile apps also to empower each user differently, including the ones you need to retain. Personalization is relatively a new concept, but is quite effective when it comes to keep the interface, between you and the customer, interesting. With the help of top mobile app development companies, you can get best personalization factors integrated in your app, such as previous purchases, purchase habits, personalized recommendations, and much more. In future, we may also see IoT apps development companies powering personalized solutions for customer retention.


Show gratitude

Retaining customers is just like pleasing a guest; except with customers you don’t have to please them at all times. Only the slightest notion of gratitude that you show your customer is enough to them to understand that you respect them. Every time a customer takes up your service, ‘please visit again’ with a gentle tone, from time to time, would be enough for your loyal customers. Upon finishing a transaction, ask for their opinion or feedback on the quality of experience they had with you.


Communicate on a regular basis

Customers always like to hear from their favourite brands, and the least you can do for them is communicate and listen to their requirements and what they expect from your business. Also, through direct communication channels such as email, text, feeds etc. you can keep them posted about any new product you are about to launch. All in all, this is another way of being grateful by keeping them posted exclusively about what you are up to.


Leverage the power of mobile app development

Mobile apps have stayed a constant craze among us since last few years, and currently, they are the easiest way to reach out to your existing and prospective customers in quite an organized way. With mobile apps, you can personalize the experience for each user, which means you can also classify your existing customers and serve them with special deals & discounts through the mobile app. Exclusive offers are proven to be the best way yet, to reach out to and retain loyal customers.


Involve your customers in your sub-goals

In case your business has received positive reviews through marketing or social media platforms, consider flaunting some of them to show how satisfied your customers are. We humans will always like to stand out among the crowd, and by showcasing their experience front up on your marketing channels would not only please that particular customer, but it will also symbolize how much you are engaged with your customers, and personally pay attention to them. Including them in your sub-goals would directly mean you are involving them in your marketing campaigns.


While building new leads is quite important, loyal customers do form a significant part of sales in your business. The major goal of any company or enterprise shall be to retain its existing customers along with new leads. As a matter of logic, loyal customers already trust brand, so it would be easy to sell it to them, which also saves extra marketing costs.

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