MES on the Edge and IoT

Manufacturing execution system (MES) usage will continue to grow through 2021 because of the enormous potential the software offers for end users. This is largely driven by digital transformation and IIoT, the introduction of new data platfor­­ms, IT/OT convergence, new applications, and newer technologies like advanced analytic tools, and cloud and edge computing. Newer data platforms and architectures are making it easier to integrate and connect to the data. Connected data is a key factor, since integration is one of the traditional inhibitors for implementing IoT, along with the cost and time required to write drivers for all the devices and data sources. While some process industry companies are moving non-mission-critical data and applications to the cloud, others are slower to adopt this approach unless required to share information and collaborate with partners. Edge and fog computing devices will enable future IoT market growth for mission-critical data and applications that must remain on site because of latency, bandwidth, IP, or legal issues.

MESMES Solutions and Data Starting to Move to the Cloud
in Some Industries

While IIoT is a growth factor for MES in some industries, the availability of newer technologies and approaches can hinder MES deployments and other capital purchases. This is partly because some companies are trying to reduce their future risks and understand future directions. They want to acquire a technology that will be part of the new standards, is easy to integrate, easy to use, flexible and can expand and accommodate new technologies and applications as they are developed.

A new ARC research report on MES for the process industries discusses some of the drivers for purchasing MES and the effect that newer technologies are having on the MES sector. Industry and regional trends and factors for success are also included in the report along with competitive analysis, plus five-year market forecasts by region, industry, and customers in the process industries – oil & gas, chemicals, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and biotech, metals & mining, pulp & paper, etc.

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