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Presenter: Arava Santosh Kumar
Proposed Teaching Plan
People were learning and watching the videos of different English lessons from various modes only due to the lack of vocabulary in-build at self and organize the syllables of the body among themselves. I am not a Master in any one language of foreign studies but as a student and lecture for different topics and chapters of the various subjects, I can express in my words of teaching as we start ourselves to focus which one we interested, learning or reading. If anyone says learning is the best knowledge guide then I recommend he or she always into learning never expect what exactly nature teaches us, in other words both were same. Reading which I prefer but some-times it won’t happen at all circumstances due to various causes bounded with-in us either our financial problems or health issues this we can overcome across by seeing good lecturer people either at our local educational institutions or faculty members of the academics which ever we covered at the aged group. Reading never comes but where-as learning over takes to the reading syllable. If someone curious on- what this person wanted exactly; syllable is not the word or sentence in any paragraph it is a meaning of the course or complete paragraph objective. Like familiar syllable HELLO when we call some body other person responds with the same sound but if others were not aware who picked the phone can confuse the outer person. In that case, the caller should respond with name followed by syllable. Ex: John Smith calling to Rob James; Rob James is on the call is how to address the single person during the telephonic address. Reading is same way the enrolling into a degree program that covers all the syllables namely topics of the program and offered degree how useful to it-self and others, first thing are you fully dedicated to the program without any personal problems and mental tensions, like the same way where I stand now. If any- one majorly explains how learning differs to reading then mostly welcome. The similar things which defers your mind to bound delivery to a group of proofs who were appear as atomic points of every ones persons contacts to form a close room task boundary to order the intuition of everyone’s connectivity of over closed relationships maps to your ideal talk’s on topic of content targeting to identify in proofs.

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