Smart Sensors are “Tip of the Spear” for IIoT

Much has been written and blogged about by ARC Analyst (and guest bloggers) over the last few years regarding the tremendous operational and business value that IIoT-enabled solutions can bring about for companies across all industries, but especially in asset-intensive industries such as oil & gas – upstream, midstream and downstream. One important component vital for IIoT-enabled solutions to be most effective is accurate and reliable sensor measurements that provide the data that can be transformed into actionable information through advanced analytics and enhanced communications that comprise smart field systems.

I believe that sensors, particularly smart sensors, are the proverbial “tip of the spear” that enables data to be transformed into effective actions through the power of IIoT solutions that leverage high performance computing, advanced analytics, enhanced communications – including wireless, and automated workflows and processes.  The deployment of sensors equipped with monitoring software and advanced analytics on rotating equipment such as pumps, compressors and turbines is one of “the lowest hanging fruits” for IIoT-enabled solution suppliers to provide real operational and business value, but it is only one such application example in which the benefits are being proven in the field.

At the upcoming ARC’ Industry Forum, speakers from both Petronas and Phillips 66 will share their perspectives and success stories on how they leveraged sensors to create smart field systems to improve their operations such as advanced tank farm oil movement automation systems.  We are going to delve into how these companies leveraged sensor technologies to create these intelligent systems that enhanced their operational performance by preventing product loss and contamination, increasing accuracy in transaction data, and ensuring safer operations via intelligent alarming; as many in the oil & gas industry already know, safety is the #1 priority.

We hope to see you at the Forum down in Orlando from February 6th through 9th, especially if you are interested in learning a great deal about the business value made possible by smart sensors, wireless, IIoT, digital platforms, operational analytics and machine learning, Cloud-computing, IIoT-enabled asset performance management (APM), future of drones, augmented reality, Smart Grid, cybersecurity, and much, much more.

The reality of digital transformation is open and available to us all, and all we have is to but open our minds and our eyes to the tremendous power that can be had today, not in some distant future.

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About the Author:

Tim Shea

As a senior analyst at ARC, Tim’s research primarily focuses on upstream Oil & Gas automation as well as Digital Oilfield technologies.

Tim’s focus areas include upstream oil and gas operational activities in support of the Digital Oilfield including multiphase flow metering, oilfield operations management systems, artificial lift optimization, leak detection systems, drilling optimization, and general field devices such as radar and ultrasonic level measurement devices, and pressure transmitters, among others.

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