The New Role Models for Women in India – Sakshi & Sindhu

Rio olympics 2016 gave us not only 2 medals but also 2 bright shinning women role models to inspire a generation of young girls in India. To make them believe that they can do it too. Women in India badly need such role models. Role models are inspiring , they are somebody you can relate to, somebody you can look up to. The success of saskhi and sindhu has captured the imagination of millions of young girls.

My hope and guess is that sakshi’s and sindhu’s feat at Rio would have captured imagination of a generation of parents of young girls as well. Parents are the launchpads girls need to launch their ambitions and fly high. Parents are the first gatekeepers of children’s dreams and aspirations. In fact many a times, it is the grit and belief of a parent in talent of child which makes their dream a reality. Behind every successful child or a young adult, stands a firm mother or father or both.

The importance of role models is in the logic of human mind. You want proof of something to believe it. Success of role models is the proof that it is achievable. Sakshi and Sindhu are national icons, sort of celebrity everyone knows but not everyone would know them personally. In my opinion, closer are role models to you, stronger is impact of their success on you. For example if your cousin is a successful state level swimmer and you aspire to be a swimmer, you would relate totally with your cousin as you share similar background and her success is a solid proof that its doable. Your mind knows if she could do it , you could do it too. Having a role model known personally also helps more as you have direct access to the guidance, expertise and tips.

Nonetheless, till we have a successful women role model in our family or neighbourhood, lets celebrate and get inspired by the success of sakshi and sindhu. Sakshi and sindhu should realize that millions of hopeful eyes are looking up to them, ears are tuned to hear what they have to say. They should share their experiences, struggles and how they overcame those struggles. They should share details of their journey right from childhood to the olympic podium. They should tell what inspired them and what got them going  day after day, year after year. Their stories and words would inspire a generation of girls and tomorrow we would have many more saskhi’s and sindhu’s who would go on to inspire another generation. This chain of role models inspiring millions is what would help India in reaching its own potential when it comes to Olympics and more importantly would help young girls and women in India realize their potential and fulfill their dreams.

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