Top reasons why Mobile Apps fail and what you need to Learn



Creating your own mobile app is exciting but it is becoming difficult to develop and release a good mobile app that performs well in the present market. Because of certain reasons, apps end up with poor reviews and low return on investments. But that is because of the competition in the field of mobile app development. What we are going to talk about in this article is what the mobile app developers and designers do wrong, resulting in a failed app.

Following are the reasons for why mobile apps fail:

Poorly researched market and audience: Market research will help you to connect your idea with your targeted customers. If your mobile app idea can define some specific audience, level of competition with other apps, solves problems, and offer strategies for further development, then you can know whether your customer really needs your solution or not. Creating a problem-solving mobile app should reach particular market need, and so it should be carefully reviewed before launching the development process.

Lack of originality: Building an app that offers same features as that of your competitors won’t help you. So, it is essential to check competitors and bring unique features that provide functionalities. These unique features will grab the attention of users. On the other hand, including too many features in the app will not make it successful. Because it may confuse a user, and make them opt for some other app.

Poor user experience: Users should be able to use app without any difficulty on multiple platforms. Best apps should have interface features and discoverability for both iOS and Android. When apps don’t perform well on multiple networks and operating systems, then it becomes a major problem. Also, apps that are not coded to work on multiple platforms, result in reduced customer loyalty and compel them to use other apps.

Improper testing: App testing should be done thoroughly to ensure that your app is as market-ready as possible. Application testing is necessary to find bugs, because even a single bug can ruin the entire user experience. Even the negative reviews may lead to the failure of your app. To avoid such a situation, make sure that your app is tested before shipping. It is necessary to do a well-structured testing before its launch.

Poor app marketing strategy: A good mobile app marketing strategy plays an important role in taking your business to great heights. Without a good marketing strategy, apps with good design and features will fail in today’s market. If the marketing of an app is missed, then it results in the app failure within a span of time. There are lots of free marketing tools are available that even start-up and small business can afford such as Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, Snapchat etc.

Lack of proper monetization: Even if you develop an app with great design, development and marketing you need a well-planned monetization strategy. It is important to consider strategy of obtaining money for your app after your customers upload and start interacting with it regularly. With too many monetization features in one app, the authenticity of the app is lost and is also overloaded with integrations. One should develop such an app that it should remain integrated and simple, with monetization models that are feasible at the same time.

Analyzing the above reasons and overcoming it, will help in developing a successful app. FuGenX technology, a mobile app development company ensures that you can come across these issues, and will help you in developing a successful app. FuGenX uses cutting-edge technologies like Swift to develop top-notch apps. FuGenX has expert mobile apps developers in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai.


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