Users have absolutely fell for these top features in Android Oreo


The current version of the Android operating system is Android Oreo, which could be considered the pinnacle of mobile app development, only till Google does the impossible, once again. It boosts battery life, has increased performance, allows easier text selection, superb boot speed that is twice to what it was prior, and picture-in-picture feature for multitasking. Android Oreo includes variety of systems and new API’s that have huge impact on functionality of existing apps. Oreo makes OS easier to use with better performance. Android Oreo includes many new features that enables app developers to build better and efficient apps.


Following are the top features of Android Oreo:


Improved battery life: Android Oreo restricts background apps, which reduces the excessive use of background services, location updates that damage the battery. Even better, the system will allow users to know about the apps running in the background like a tracker, so that you choose what runs, and what not.

Notification dots: It allows the users to see notifications if they missed any. A dot appears next to the app icon that represents unchecked notification. One can press and hold the app icon to read the message. Android Oreo lets you snooze or reappear later, if notifications are not so important.

Picture-in-picture: This feature allows you to take YouTube video or video call when you switch between apps. PIP allows you to adjust the size or drag it anywhere on the screen. This feature allows the user to see two apps at a time.

Auto-enable WiFi: It automatically turns on phone’s Wi-Fi, based on location. Your phone connects to home network as soon as you arrive. When your phone connects to access point, it will save the location and when your phone reaches the location where you have previously been, it automatically enables the connection.

Autofill and improved text selection: Android’s autofill saves you remembering logins and other form of data. Autofill or password manager like LastPass collects credit card information and other personal details, and Oreo can automatically fill web forms and also helps in logging on to apps in future. Text selection has been improved in Android Oreo and it automatically recognizes names, addresses, phone numbers and URLs.

High-Quality Bluetooth audio: One of the first features to attract Android users was high performance Bluetooth audio. Android Oreo supports Sony’s LDAC wireless codec, which emits audio at about three times the speed of ordinary Bluetooth.

Reduced app size: Apps will take less space under Android Oreo. Through Android’s Instant App feature, it lets the users to access the feature without downloading it. Android 8.1 automatically increases storage space by reducing inactive apps size. Best yet, it reduces applications cache sizes.

Google Play Protect: Android Oreo scans every app that is installed from Google Play and third-party stores for viruses and continuously scan phones to avoid threats through machine learning. It scans billions of apps per day and deletes the hazardous apps from phone or tablet.

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