Video Marketing, an energy boosters.

Why Video Marketing Campaigns Are the Energy Boosters of Your Marketing Strategy?


Videos always have a way of creating a charming connect with the target audience; that’s why some of the most engaging videos go viral in no time. There are many examples of successful video marketing campaigns, the million-times quoted Dollar Shave Club, Red Bull’s ever popular videos, and Shell’s #makethefuture videos. These inspiring, funny, and happy videos bring a smile to our faces and create an instant connection with the brand in our minds. Think about some examples – a lion running out of the jungle and into the arms of its former caretakers or a girl singing her heart from a nationwide talent show. We really just cannot get enough of these fantastic viral videos, can we? This deep influence of great videos can easily be extrapolated to digital marketing for IT products, services, and solutions too. So, let’s check out what makes videos such precious value additions to marketing initiatives.


Building marketing value through smart videos

The amusement value of brilliant videos goes without saying, where song a television program, merchandise or cause is emphasized, but what about the marketing value? Do videos have marketing value? The answer is yes – if they’re created and distributed smartly. But the most important ingredients of a smart video are relevant content, imaginative concept, and great execution. It also requires strategic placement across multiple social channels, where it has the potential to be viewed to create ripples. 

What makes strong content, concept, and execution for videos? Let’s take a look. A unique concept and a strong script are the common thread that runs across the video. They have the capacity to strike a emotional strong chord with the audience. From touching and warm to hysterically surprising or funny, to upsetting or shocking, brilliant scripts evoke emotions that enhance the videos’ ability to deliver an entirely new degree of impact.  

As for strategic placement, every social media channel has a unique personality of audience that can be leveraged. The most common channels that instantly come to mind are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

A few pointers for creating smart videos

When creating a video, follow the same principles as with any advertising communications tools:

  • Concept: Be tactical, have clear goals, and focus on one clear message
  • Start with a great statistics, tell a story, a current problem that you can solve
  • The first frame must have a wow factor
  • Focus on the audience and not me, me, me!
  • Every frame of the video should answer the audience’s question So What?
  • Make it crisp
  • Enable it to be mobile friendly
  • Add a clear call to action
  • Remember to follow best practices of search engine optimization in terms of correctly crafted titles, meta tags, headers, captions, and descriptors.

Videos – the sharpest arrow in your marketing quiver

Most of our break times or moments of relaxation are spent watching interesting videos. Science has proven that the visual impact of what you see is much greater than what you read or hear. The message from any engaging video would definitely register much faster. Honestly, I wish I had created a video describing the value of videos in marketing than just writing about it! I know it would have been far more effective. So, good luck with your video marketing initiatives!

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