What an Android App can do to Your Business?

Technology is driving the world in ways unimaginable. Business owners need to update their work plans, revolutionary tools and powerful platforms to create to give better solutions for their targeted audience. Most of the people use various mobile apps for shopping, online payment and connecting with their social friends. An important thing that plays key role in the mobile app development process is the selection of a right framework. For a start-up company, it is very crucial to pick the most powerful and reliable application development platform.


Android has a huge market and more opportunity to reach millions of users in one step. With a great Android app, you can improves business. Competitors either already own an Android app, or have hired the android app development company UAE to build an app for their business.

Top 5 benefits that startups can gain profit by building an app with the help of android application services:

Wide market to reach:

There are more than billion Android users who download millions of apps in every day; and your app can be one of those. With a mobile app, you can reach out those global users and can sell, entertain, or market your services and products while adding more to your revenues. Your app idea can be one of those billion-dollar ideas.

Simple entry in to the market:

Startups have a limited budget to get effective entry to the market. Android offers a low barrier to entry there is no need of pay much for the licensing fees. All you need is to get the app developed, tested, and published in the App store. If you build a perfect app which fulfils the needs of users, then you can earn revenues without moving things around much.

Ideal Platform for Companies New To Mobile

Android applications are written in Java, with a powerful set of libraries. In the mobile apps development market, salaries of Android app developers are cost-effective. Hence, you can extend your business into mobile development and tap the vast market of generating revenues.

Various Distribution Channels

Once you have created an Android app, you can distribute in multiple ways, but the main channel is Google play store. Depending upon your priority and preference, you can use any number of third-party app stores, Google’s Play Store, or can even create your own distribution channels. By developing an Android app, you can easily reach your potential users.

Increased return on investment

An open source platform offers free access to all the development tools and software development kit to the developers. It can be used effectively for custom based mobile application development and reduce the development cost.


Main advantage that startups can get from Android apps is that it can facilitate the User in a better way and help them connect well with the business. Startups can use it extensively to promote their services, offers, and brand messages in many creative ways.

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