What are the Benefits of Choosing Laravel over other PHP Frameworks?

Laravel is a widely used PHP framework that was introduced in 2011. It was built to address several issues with the well-known CodeIgniter platform – namely, the absence of built-in support for user authentication and authorization. Since then, Laravel has rapidly become one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Adaptable, scalable, and simple to utilize, Laravel is known as the best PHP framework for web developers.

These days, a large number of web developers suggest or prefer Laravel as opposed to other PHP frameworks. Laravel additionally comes with various features that help in fast web app development. It is more popular when compared with other PHP frameworks.

Laravel basically is an open source framework that enables developers to accelerate web application development without expanding the project’s development time. It has better performance and scalability when compared to other frameworks.

Let’s have a closer look on its incredible features:

1. Inbuilt Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel contains pre-installed libraries that are object-oriented and this is one of the reasons behind the increasing demand of Laravel over other frameworks. Unlike other frameworks, there are 20 or more pre-installed libraries in Laravel of which Authentication library is well known. It gives better security features including encryption, CSRF protection, and database as well as login securities.

Laravel is different from those E-commerce or CMS frameworks which will fulfil your particular needs. However, it’s an all-rounder. If you can code, with the assistance of this framework, you can build perfectly working CMS or ECommerce Web application.

2. Authorization Technique


Laravel makes execution of authentication procedures extremely easy. Practically, everything is arranged phenomenally. Laravel likewise gives a basic approach to managing authorization logic and control access to assets.

3. Clear Documentation and MVC Pattern

Web developers who utilize Laravel get the chance to experience documentation which is easily understandable, perfect and much more organized. That is the reason for the framework to self-declare that text will be placed beautifully. Being an MVC framework, it includes a great package of inbuilt functions and improved development architecture.

4. Unit Testing


With Laravel, you can analyze an explicit function of the web application by performing unit testing through PHP Unit. It automatically sets the PHPUnit.XML file up. Thus, you can simply compose test cases and perform unit testing throughout the development procedure. At the same time, Laravel additionally allows defining custom test strategies as per particular testing prerequisites of the project.

5. Database Seeding


This is an automated process. Database tables can be filled with default information which can be utilized for application testing.

6. High-End Authentication and Authorization

Laravel makes authentication of web applications exceptionally simple as each and everything is now already built-in within the framework. While the main worry of most web application owners is with respect to the verification of clients and prevents the access of unapproved clients, Laravel is perfect to help them. With Laravel, it is relatively simple for the owners to manage the authorization logic of their web applications and restrict the availability of users to all resources.

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7. Artisan

Laravel contains a built-in tool named as Artisan. A web developer will have to interact with this framework using a command line that makes and handles the Laravel project environment.

An artisan is a built-in tool that Laravel provides for command-line. This tool allows developers to perform the majority of tedious programming or repetitive tasks that they often do not want to perform manually.


Caching system provided by Laravel can be utilized to accomplish simple caching tasks, for example, storing objects in a database or file. At the same time, you likewise have the choice to incorporate the web framework impeccably with famous caching systems like APC, Memcached, and Redis. Hence, you can just enlarge the web application’s performance by integrating the robust caching system into Laravel.

9. Routing System

The Routing System is the main feature of Laravel that is a simple to-utilize technique for routing. The path can be set off on the application with control and great flexibility.

10. Blade Templating

The Blade is a simple and powerful templating engine provided by Laravel. It enables you to utilize plain PHP code in your application. And it also does not add any overhead to the application. As per documentation, two essential advantages of utilizing blades are Template Inheritance b& sections.

11. Route Middleware

Middleware provides an easy mechanism for filtering HTTP requests that are entering your application. The feature makes it simpler for you to optimize all the communication between your applications and the web server without utilizing any third party tool. 

12. REST API Compatibility

Laravel has REST API compatibility, making it a phenomenal choice for the development of modern, multiplatform web applications that use the REST API.


Developers usually recommended Laravel because of its incredible features. It can deal with extremely big projects easily and that is the reason because of which many organizations have officially adopted this framework.

Additionally, Laravel provides community support also. To conclude, all we can say is that Laravel is the best framework for every PHP application development company and is less known for errors or failures. Laravel is viable and promising which has created many opportunities for web developers.

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