What are the core features of Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is one of the most volatile technology spaces at present, and consequently, we see a lot of trends and changes coming up every now and then. Integration of Artificial Intelligence with mobile apps is currently one of the hottest ongoing transitions we are witnessing. From what can be deduced from the play store and app store stats, the craze for mobile apps is growing year-by-year. Evidently, in 2016 as much as 149.3 billion apps were download, and in 2021, this figure is poised to reach 353 billion downloads, which says a lot about how much we use mobile apps in our daily lives.

However, the fundamentals of mobile apps have not changed priorities, and there are certain things best mobile app developers must keep in mind before developing the mobile app. The basics we are going to discuss are not fragments from Quantum Physics, and are all about how well you understand your users, and hence, the market.


Focus on Core Features

Some of the best, proven apps have been known for solving an issue or addressing a problem that has existed from a long time. In the beginning, your job as a developer is to understand that you have to focus on a group of selective features that your target audience would find usable. For example – Facebook, back when it was launched, allowed people to connect like never before. Connectivity was the only thing it focused on initially, without adding features like games or utilities, though it expanded to other niches later on. Similarly, WhatsApp did not add a range of features, rather gave people the freedom to reach out to each other in the simplest way possible.

app Interaction Channels

Integrating your app with different communication channels to interact and engage with the target market cannot be ignored. Social media integration with mobile app is a common technique for allowing a business to actively involve with the customers or users, to know about their expectations, changes they suggest or features they like/dislike. Facebook is one of the most common social media platform at present that app developers route for when it comes to nailing the social media aspect. Apart from that, equally important is the support section, which can be dedicated to collecting customer grievances. Grievances, in a positive sense, can be taken as customer feedback, which is the most efficient way of improving your app.



The reason of sending out regular updates is to keep up with the competitors or to fix bugs & errors; both of which are quite important to keep your app afloat. Also, revamping the app interface from time to time is also vital to keep the customer retention high. According to Business Insider, no app, with less than 9 updates in a year got more than average rating on Play store and iTunes store. On the other hand, the other lot got much more than average ratings. Moreover, the biggest player in the world like Amazon and Walmart, gathered the highest ratings by updating their app 20-25 times a year.


Research the Market

Researching the market isn’t just for marketing department, after the product has been completed. The developer must also understand the product they are building; and for that understanding the audience or market could determine the success of failure of your app. Go through a market research report that your marketing department can provide, or conduct a deep research for the same to gather intricate insights on how users interact with the app, what features do they like to have in an app, possible demographical and geographical influences, and much more. If you are planning to launch your app globally, you might also want to look into localization and translation services to make your app suitable individually for each region your app is supposed to cover.



Mobile apps development company India are constantly looking to create new solutions to cumulatively benefit the society, in-sync with the fundamentals we have discussed above. For anything to succeed in the market, understanding it at the grass-roots level is a pre-requisite that just cannot be skipped. Hence, there is a need for mobile app developers that are also aware about the current scenario of mobile, their advantages & disadvantages, and most importantly how people will perceive their idea.  

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