Workshop on IT readiness of Industry for GST implementation – Part I

Video created by Community Moderator on Jul 19, 2017

    NASSCOM completed its first interactive session with GSTN personnel in Bangalore on July 7, 2017. Given below are the key takeaways that emerged from the discussions:


    On registration

    • The window for amendment to registrations will be open from July 20 onwards
    • Amendments to details are divided into core and non-core fields
      1. Core fields once updated would need to be approved by the Jurisdictional Officer;
      2. Non-core fields once updated are accepted automatically in the system.
    • Document size restrictions for some details have been put in place. Taxpayer can choose to only upload relevant pages in order to meet the size limit. Officer can at a later point in time request for a copy of the full document, if required.
    • Once a TRN is obtained, the registration, amendment or cancellation as the case may be needs to be completed within 15 days. Else the TRN lapses.
    •  Verification of details and issuance of provisional certificate takes up to 3 complete working days.
    •  E-mail and passwords to GSTN needs to be saved by the Company and password needs to be changed every 120 days. The system would prompt the taxpayer for the change. The taxpayers are advised to remember the security questions and answers for future use.
    •  The latest version of GSTN requires that a separate e-mail ID <-> mobile number combination be provided for every registration. This has been done in order to ensure uniqueness in the registrations.
    •  Validation using DSC mandatory for Companies. EVC option (using an OTP) available for others.
       Details guidelines available on GSTN website;
       Taxpayers to ensure latest version of signing software has been downloaded;
       To ensure one port is kept open.
    •  In case of non-resident OIDAR suppliers, authorized signatory is mandatory as per law.


    • Returns can be filed using online mode, offline mode with GSTN utility or through ASP/GSP interface. Offline mode GSTN utility can be used up to 19,000 line items at a time.