Design is something you cannot ignore in today's innovative age. We go up Close with Anil Reddy

Video created by Nehal Pandya on Aug 14, 2018

    "We are catching up, but we're not far behind. If you look at our products, they’re competing with International products." Designer turned Entrepreneur and now Founder & Design Director of one of the top 3 experience design studios around the globe, Anil Reddy from Lollypop UI/UX Studio tells us about the space of Design in India at our Expert Speak Series.

    Design as a tool for innovation has developed rapidly in recent years and is now incorporated in developing strategy and management of the final technology, product or service. Businesses today call for creativity and a creatively capable workforce to deliver a minimum viable product to the user. In order to integrate Design Thinking and the Human Centric approach into the Startups’ DNA, NASSCOM has launched the Design4India initiative to impact the ecosystem pan India.


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