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Farmguru is a commerce & community platform for farmers. We aggregate farmers using their mobile phones and provide them access to high-quality farm inputs directly to their farms from curated suppliers at transparent prices. We provide seeds, crop protection, crop nutrition and tools & equipment to farms. Our customer profile includes Progressive Farmers, Modern Farms, Polyhouses/Nurseries, FPOs, Farmer Groups and Individual Farmers.

Farmguru started operations in Jan 2015 and today we are India’s largest group-buying platform for farm inputs with a reach extending to 400,000+ farms across Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and other parts of the country. The team at farmguru has experience in building hybrid e-commerce networks spanning lakhs of stores across rural and semi-urban India. We utilise this experience to build trust networks by tying up with Govt and private channels and leverage them to provide assisted e-commerce to farmers. 

Our goal is to become the most-trusted community of farmers that aggregates farm inputs, farm data and financial services to transform farm productivity and economics for millions of agri-businesses by leveraging mobile technology & data science.

The Opportunity:

Agri-inputs in India is a US$ 40 billion industry. Sales of agri-inputs happens through a traditional retail network with multiple layers of intermediaries. These lakhs of retail outlets have a mix of quality, sub-quality and even spurious goods that they push to farmers to make profits. Mis-selling is very common.

On the other hand, mobile and mobile data penetration in rural areas is increasing. By 2020 Rural India will have over 385 million smartphone internet users; much than the urban markets. Developments in data science technologies enables companies like Farmguru to access a rich repository of public and organically-generated datasets to build deep learning models to better understand the needs of farms and provide suitable products and services to meet their needs profitably.

A combination of increasing mobile penetration, maturity in mobile & data science technologies and our team’s experience in creating and managing hybrid assisted-commerce networks puts us in a unique position to become a dominant player in this market.


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