Polyhouse Monitoring Solution

Keeping plants in your polyhouse alive and healthy requires the best possible growing environment. How long does it take you to find out about issues like falling temperatures, poor ventilation, humidity changes, inadequate soil moisture or increased soil temperature — especially when they occur after hours or your farm supervisor is busy with other chores?
Bosch Remote Monitoring system allows you to track the inside polyhouse climate at multiple points around your plants. Our automated system alerts you, your farm supervisor and even the agronomist, if any conditions fall out of optimal
ranges, providing you complete control over your polyhouse.

The system constitutes of the following modules

  • Sensor Node – Temperature, Humidity, Luminous Intensity, Soil Temperature, Moisture & EC sensors
  • Polyhouse Monitoring Unit (Gateway)
  • Cloud/Mobile Platform

You will now be able to monitor the conditions of your polyhouse farm from anywhere and anytime. This solution reduces manual judgement, raises alarm on time to take course corrections, results in reduced consumption of insecticides, pesticides and improves the production of export quality yield.

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