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India ranks among the top producing nations of major agricultural commodities. However it produces far lower quantities of these commodities than it could. India’s yield rates are drastically lower than its global peers. One of the main reasons for this gap is the lack of knowledge at the farmers’ end in how to make their production effective and sustainable. This, coupled with lack of timely availability of quality agri-inputs leads to low productivity.

VezaMart aims to bridge this yield gap by providing a mobile based solution which processes farm level data and provides personalized and actionable information to the farmers, helps them buy quality inputs and use them efficiently thus improving productivity, quality & predictability of produce.

We intervene in the following areas:

  1. Input supply chain, by helping farmers buy quality inputs from a wide range of National and International suppliers.
  2. Raising productivity at the farm level by providing customized-up-to-farm-level advisory based on their farm profile.

Currently it is a multi-channel solution where farmers connect with us via Missed Call, Mobile App and Website.

We aim to develop a mobile based platform as a single all-inclusive solution for farmers to make farming Planned, Predictable and Productive.


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