Best Online Business Startup Ideas | 2019

There are a lot of business ideas in the market that you can start at an affordable price. But when we think about choosing an online business platform, confusion ensues. Here I have made a list of three business ideas that are rapidly growing on the web. You can choose the following business ideas to start an online business and become a successful entrepreneur.

Cooked Meal Ordering and Delivery Website- From pre-cooked meals to offering meal kits, this niche is gaining popularity across the world. These are many market players growing in this industry and earning more profit to run the cooked meal ordering and delivery website, like Freshly ($4.3 M) and Munchery ($14.1 M). If you are an expert in cooking and cook tasty food then online cooked meal ordering and delivery business can be more profitable for you and those people who really want to start their online business from home. If you are looking to start an online rental marketplace similar to Freshly and Munchery then YoMeals is the best platform to start an online cooked meal ordering and delivery business.

Start Online Rental Marketplace- Leveraging on the rising popularity of shared economy, online rental marketplace is a platform where people can rent almost everything. The admin gets to enjoy commissions. In a short span of time, websites like RentTheRunway, Flyrobe, Rentacenter, Furlenco, etc. have become popular; providing huge benefits to both owners and renters. Renting/ Selling website not only generates revenue benefits for owners and renters, it is also a practical way to lessen reckless purchase. If you are looking to start an online rental marketplace then YoRent is the right system for you.

Launch Online Marketplace for Booking Artists and Event planners- Inspired by online gigs marketplaces like Gigmaster and Gigsalad, many aspiring entrepreneurs are launching an online gig marketplace for booking artists and event planners. Without a doubt starting an online gigs marketplace is a profitable business idea; a platform that brings events planners, organizers and performance artists together. If you are looking to start an online rental marketplace similar to Gigmaster and GigSalad then vivogigs is the best readymade platform to start an online gigs marketplace.

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